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Winter is 'morbidity peak' solar street lamps, so what is the cause of this?

by:CHZ     2020-10-16

winter is 'morbidity peak' solar street lamps, there are a lot of solar street lamps are quality problems in winter, a common problem is the insufficient light at night time, is originally bright six hours a day, for example, only three or four hours or direct light in the winter is not lit up. The reasons for this phenomenon is mainly due to the battery supply, so what is the cause of this?

reasons are because of low solar street light system configuration. Sunlight in winter than other seasons, solar panels generate electricity shortage, at the same time, the battery discharge only 70% of summer in winter, so winter is not enough, the battery power only enough to light two or three hours a day the power went out.

1。 Winter weather is cold, cold batteries will be 'damaged', cause lack of discharge. Usually in cold areas, storage battery to be buried at least 1 m deep, laid 20 cm at the bottom of the sand, facilitate water dispersal, like this can increase the battery life, lithium battery needs to be used for thermal insulation heat preservation cotton.

2。 Solar panels generate electricity shortage, hair enough electricity every day full of battery. South in the winter the sun will, Angle of the sun, causing insufficient light. In some places because light solar panels by building high objects such as trees shade shade or part time, cause the lack of electricity.

3。 Solar panels for a long time didn't clean, dust is too much, influence power. In some places because it often snow, snow caused power shortage of solar panels. So often should clean up the dust in the solar panels and snow cover, good two months.

4。 To life. Battery charge and discharge frequency, power will be reduced gradually with the increase of frequency, so often used solar street lamps lighting three years will be reduced gradually, which belongs to the normal phenomenon. In energy storage battery can solve a problem.

in fact as long as do what time, solar lamps can be easily overcome the rainy day.

1, at the beginning of the solar lamps and lanterns configuration to consider the local climate, environment, temperature and other conditions of design, the rational allocation of solar street light system. Just days before the arrival of the rainy day, need to change the design of solar photovoltaic panels and storage capacity of the battery power is fully meet the continuous rain for use by the power of light source. Customer devotion to manufacturers to reduce configuration due to its low price, is the cause of solar energy lamps and lanterns of continuous rainy day power supply shortage.

2, solar lamp holder need to be waterproof function. Once the waterproof damaged lamp holder is easy, not very influence life span; Water is also easy to damage the solar street light controller, charging and discharging work and lights, solar lamp is done on solar lamp controller, solar street lamps controller so should choose waterproof ability.

3, now, some manufacturers use cheap light source to replace LED light source, which is one of the reasons for large solar street light is not stable.

4, prevent damage of battery. Battery during the installation process, in addition to water proofing property itself, in order to prevent water storage battery are generally buried, if buried too light will make the waterproof problem, serious will cause scrap.

5, solar street lamp installation location need to be reasonable. There can be no obstructions on the solar panels, there be no tall trees and buildings, these objects cast shadows, affect the solar panels absorb the light energy, in the long run will lose battery power is serious, affect using rainy day.

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