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Wisdom and epidemic prevention technology '5 g + intelligent street lamp charging pile' the first in zhejiang zhoushan

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-06

a few days ago, the country's first '5 g + intelligent street lamp charging pile' zhoushan city, zhejiang province. By the zhejiang mobile and its Chinese zhejiang comprehensive energy service co. , LTD. Jointly create innovative products, zhejiang mobile 5 g network construction during the period of advance prevention and an innovation measure.

recently, in zhoushan dinghai keihin square up a special lamp, attracted the attention of passing pedestrians and special. It has a bold, LED screen, impressively in 'unity is strength, overcome the outbreak' slogans such as 'science, prevention and control group control', and more amazing is that the light pole also comes with 5 g base stations and electric vehicle charging pile, around 5 g network coverage at the same time, also effective in relieving the epidemic prevention and control during each park close to new energy car battery difficult problem. This is the first '5 g + intelligent street lamp charging pile'.

it is understood that the 'magic light pole' full of black technology with multiple functions, intelligent lighting, 5 g communications, car battery, video monitoring, information interaction, realizes the resource sharing, intensive, as a whole. Light pole top mount installed easy integration of mobile station 5 g micro, within the scope of the surrounding the light pole, field measurement of 5 g Internet speeds up to 900 MBPS. While using 5 g character of low delay, high rate, management department can collect back monitor video, street lamp control, charging management and so on all data, boost urban refinement, management wisdom.

during the epidemic, '5 g + intelligent street lamp charging pile' using the built-in display and broadcast system, continue to the general public for epidemic prevention propaganda and education, to boost public safety awareness at the same time, also reduced the community workers' shouted the speaker working pressure. After the outbreak, but also realize the pedestrian safety, traffic safety, chengguan remind spread propaganda, etc. In addition, during the outbreak, in the case of most of the park closed, the square of the '5 g + intelligent street lamp' also use the built-in charging pile function for people in need of new energy car battery provides a great convenience.

zhejiang mobile workers say, speed up the pace of urban construction, with wisdom '5 g + intelligent street lamp charging pile' appearance in zhejiang, and soon we will be united power department popularization, in addition to load 5 g base stations, can also be combined with Internet of things technology, such as all kinds of security and environmental monitor equipment also can put wisdom in the street. In the future, '5 g + wisdom light pole' will become an important point of intelligent city, also is expected to boost 5 g base station construction.

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