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Wisdom springs: the first wave of intelligent street lamp appearance road

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-07

in the near future, in the wave of jinan high-tech zone road near work and life of citizens feel, a wave of night road becomes more bright and comfortable, thoughtful citizens are also found on the top of the roadside street lamp with each 'police', some important area also increased the high-definition cameras, like pairs of bright big eyes watching and guarding the peace and tranquility of the city. What is in jinan, quietly changing people's life? The original is in jinan for the first wave group wisdom pilot lights.

intelligent lighting control, power saving rate reaches 76%

69 wave road lamp intelligent LED street lamp USES the unb ZETA wireless communication technology, has realized the world's fastest single lamp control scheme, according to the different time automatically adjust the power of LED street lights, according to the real statistical data, the wave of modified lamp energy saving rate reached 76%, truly on-demand lighting.

smart covers, high-definition monitor, wave of urban safety to protect

wave road ( Including the pavement) All kinds of manhole cover as many as 259, in the event of damage or tilted, can bring huge to moving vehicles and pedestrians safe hidden trouble. Now has a smart covers, once the manhole covers an exception occurs, the system will automatically alarm to the timely processing of maintenance personnel, and don't have to worry about manhole cover 'lost', endangering pedestrians safety hidden trouble.

wisdom street lamps in the ten nankou, tide and wave road park Simon multiple intersections with hd camera, such as road safety guard wave at any time. In the near future video monitoring data will also love city network access, let the general public to share high-tech security and convenience.

free WIFI, swimming lane high-speed Internet access

walk on the road, open mobile WLAN function, can search to signal full 'INSPUR - SCU' login point, 100 m optical fiber broadband lines, free WIFI connection wave road, is to express in the high-speed Internet access.

in addition, the intelligent street lamp is equipped with a key to meteorological environment monitoring, alarm, intelligent charging pile, such as installation, ongoing data access, debugging, etc. , will soon be through love city network platform, such as open to the public, let people enjoy the conveniences brought about by wisdom city.

wave road is jinan first based on the wisdom of the construction of the urban area road, with the wisdom of the street lamp like wave road in the city of popularization and application, 'wisdom springs' will become more 'intelligence, wisdom,' wave will also strengthen cooperation with the jinan government, expanding areas such as intelligent transportation, medical, government affairs, the quancheng jinan into 'good' awareness, breathing, temperature of the city of wisdom.

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