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With 5 g base stations, xiamen will next month on the 60 sets of intelligent street lamp!

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-07

walk on the streets, the city street light can be seen everywhere. In most people's opinion, street lamp mainly have the effect of night lighting. In fact, it also has many 'hidden' features: not only for electric vehicle charging, when available

it is understood that at the end of may this year, xiamen tongan district zhongshan road will build putting-in-service proactively 60 lamp with 5 g of multi-function street lamp.

intelligent street lamp can realize multimedia publishing, a key emergency alarm functions such as

monitoring system of power street lamps energy-saving

as part of the urban public infrastructure, urban street light coverage is very wide. Generally speaking, if the street light cable leakage, theft, light pole tilting, abnormal condition, is often difficult to get the effective treatment in time, the street lamp management is more extensive.

today, street lamp intelligent lighting control system in the city district has a different degree of putting-in-service proactively. After converted into intelligent lighting control system, it can realize remote open to turn off the lights, the function such as automatic fault alarm, on-demand lighting, energy-saving rate can reach more than 70%, effectively enhance the level of city street lamp fine management.

in addition, the reporter also learned from xiamen tongan district currently has a total of 5000 street lamp using the intelligent lighting control system, to solve a lot of management problems.

in 2016, xiamen typhoon 'moran' as an example, the typhoon to tong 'an street light a lot of damage, in the usual, cable leakage, light pole, tilt and other issues have to spend a lot of time. And the wisdom of the modified lighting monitoring system, can be in a few minutes will all have abnormalities in the street lamp, and realize the light point, convenient maintenance and management for effective quickly.

60 lamp intelligent street lamp next month putting-in-service proactively

street lamps lighting the effect only? Of course, the answer is not. Wisdom lights will tell you, the city street lamp in addition to the lighting, also has multifunctional reuse, which can realize information sharing.

it is worth mentioning that the end of may, tongan district zhongshan road 60 lamp that wisdom will build on the street lamp, street lamp which is wisdom in fujian putting-in-service proactively for the first time. Moreover, this batch of intelligent street lamp will launch 5 g base stations, which can realize 5 g.

according to introducing, street lamp will be through the PLC, wireless Wi - wisdom Fi technology, such as integration including intelligent lighting, intelligent monitoring, intelligent sensor, intelligent charging, wisdom and so on many alarm function.

it can not only real-time monitoring PM2. 5, radiation, temperature, wind speed, precipitation, such as environment sensing information, provide real-time monitoring of environmental parameters, also can be installed, security monitoring system to achieve real-time monitoring, face recognition, and traffic monitoring, positioning tracking; In addition, it can realize Wi - Fi hotspot connection, through the LED display to broadcast the weather, traffic, news, and other important information, and provide paid for electric vehicle charging, a key emergency alarm, etc.

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