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With a total investment of $2! Guangdong zhuhai launched 20 road reconstruction, implementation of the rod and more

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-08

recently, reporters learned that guangdong zhuhai 6 batch of road pavement reconstruction work has begun on 'white and black', 20, including ShanChang road, road will be completed within this year road reconstruction and beautification, the new look.

'white and black' refers to the cement concrete pavement for solid processing as pavement base, put a layer of asphalt concrete, and formed a kind of rigid and flexible road surface of the composite structures at the local level.

it is known that ShanChang road reconstruction is completed, the main lanes by now two-way two-lane widen for asphalt concrete surface of the three lanes.

at present, the main lane temporarily not enclosed, is still available for normal traffic vehicle. The scene, according to 'sign' put project name for zhuhai in the sixth group of road pavement reconstruction and beautification projects, time limit for a project for 1 October 2019 solstice November 31.

according to zhuhai highway bureau previously published 'zhuhai city group of road pavement reconstruction and beautification project (6 The first stage) Feasibility study report for approval according to:

a, construction scale and content

this project is located in zhuhai city, contains 20 road and armed police detachment 4 road promotion transformation in the camps, total length of about 11. 70 kilometers, the transformation with a total area of about 240780 square meters, of which the municipal road red line within the area of 185241 square meters, before the shop shop area of 32417 square meters, the armed police detachment transformation area of 23122 square meters.

status of road width is 7 ~ 21 meters, lane number is 1 ~ 3 lanes. Chunfeng road ( Dedicated to blue shield section) JiShi road, south the section sells for the one, the other for the branch.

the main construction contents include:

the motor vehicle road asphalt pavement overlay, perfect the non-motor vehicle lanes, pedestrian pavement reconstruction;

having xinghua road across the phoenix river canal bridge demolish rebuild;

the status quo of rainwater grate moved to change or replace, status quo of rain water, water supply, sewage and other inspection shaft and valve well replace ascension, in cable trench cover plate replacement, chunfeng road ( Dedicated to blue shield section) Improve the supporting pipe network;

to improve traffic safety facilities such as lighting, implementing more pole unity; Along the roads around the old wall, retaining wall, ancillary facilities landscape such as lotus pond.

professional road engineering, traffic engineering, safety engineering, lighting engineering, pipeline engineering, landscape engineering, etc.

2, investment estimation and financing source

total project investment estimation: 203. 51 million yuan, including: take a construction cost 162. 81 million yuan, the construction cost is 17. 65 million yuan, other reserve funds of 18. 05 million yuan, line moved to cost 5 million yuan ( Including electric power, communication, bike rental, parking meter parking moved to, declare this phase by temporarily meter column) 。

funding sources: project construction funds overall arrangement of the city.

so far, the first five batch of reconstruction of roads have to complete the 'white and black', the road level mainly urban primary and secondary trunk road; 6 batch of roads in three phase advance, one of the 20 road 'white and black' reform plan year, road grade is given priority to with city branch.

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