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Within three years to complete all the classrooms in the city of wenzhou lighting transformation completed before school starts again in 8000

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-12

on July 9, the reporter learns from wenzhou city bureau of education, to promote children 'white teeth' project, to improve the visual environment, our city will ensure that completed before the end of August this year, 8000 in the classroom lighting installation. The reporter understands, lucheng in room will be completed before the end of August 500 lights. Up to now, the model 500 a light transform classrooms have been built.

in order to improve the visual environment, strengthen the standardization of classroom lighting, city department of education early deployment. As early as in 2014 and 2015, the city bureau of education to middle school in wenzhou, wenzhou, wenzhou city experimental middle school, high wenzhou experimental primary school, such as more than 10 cities directly under the school classroom lighting is modified; From 2016 to 2017 to more than 200 rural schools in the city more than 3500 classroom lighting transformation. This year, plans to use three years time, gradually for the rest of the city more than 24000 classrooms of illume and daylighting.

to pool the saddle elementary school, in early June this year, three after lighting reform classroom has been put into use. 'In the process of the use of a month, children and teachers feel the light more soft, the brightness of the light are more suitable for reading, not easy to produce fatigue. 'Saddle pool primary school principals wang said,' previous fluorescent light a lot, but the book is white paper, under the illuminate of lamplight, prone to reflection. So after renovation, children and teachers are all good reviews in the new classroom lighting environment. '

the next stage, lucheng will primary school with saddle pool lights transformation model of the classroom as a template, according to the national standard' ordinary small and medium-sized school classroom lighting design and installation of health requirements, accelerate related classroom lighting transformation.

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