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Wuhan jianghan road, the first 5 g wisdom light pole

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-12

on May 14, jiang han pedestrain central square light pole erected on a piece of wisdom, and attracted the attention of many pedestrians tourists.

this is hubei province and even the entire central China built in the first 5 g wisdom light pole! This set of multi-functional, which integrates intelligent light pole is indispensable to the future 5 g wisdom city key infrastructure.

5 g wisdom light pole after put into use not only has the ordinary street lamp lighting features, also integrates the function of 5 g communication signals. Base station antenna mount, intelligent charging pile, a key to environmental monitoring, video monitoring, alarm, public broadcasting, LED advertising screen, public Wi - Fi, and other functions will also be implemented in the future.

in January this year, hubei mobile joint jianghan district people's government jointly launched the 'wisdom of jianghan' 5 g construction. The jianghan road is a step 5 g block construction of the first step in wisdom, in the late with 5 g technology popularization, jianghan road in addition to being able to meet the needs of large crowds high-speed Internet access, mobile payment demand anytime and anywhere, there are a lot of cool.

5 g era changes in jianghan road

4 k experience hd video calls

5 g has the characteristics of large bandwidth, low latency, the relative rate of 4 g upgrade 100 times, peak rate can be up to 10 GBPS, reduced to ms delay, high-definition images can be real-time transmission to the client, create immersive experience hd video calls.

AR live-action navigation

AR live-action navigation mode, the map will be displayed in a real scenario, through '5 g + beidou' high-precision positioning, effective to help people find where to buy goods, such as in which building which layer which shops, or bunk, etc. , which solves the problems of navigation within the hard floor. In jianghan road don't have to worry about lost or can't find the shop.

AR culture show

jianghan road, known as 'wuhan building museum in the twentieth century'. All the way around in the past, can see buildings of different styles, European style, Rome style, Byzantine style, Renaissance. 。 。 。 。 , of course, also can through the AR, reproduce the jianghan road of hundred years ago, across the long river of time, feel the baptism by the history river.

AR consumption drainage

on weekends, jianghan road opened the 'herd' model, each big market packed. In the age of 5 g, however, a mobile phone can walk jianghan road. Mobile phone map rendering of real jianghan road store high quality goods or web celebrity, people just need to shopping, by means of AR online and offline AR can perfect avoid crowded people.

there is no city transition mooring

if in jianghan road shops tired? Open the phone APP called no one bus to pick you up. Based on mobile communication and made 5 g automated driving technology, no bus can realize the pedestrian and vehicle detection, automatic deceleration collision avoidance, emergency stop, according to the dock station, and other functions. Convenient safe and reliable, also can pay brush a face, isn't it great?

move line perception big data service

5 g iot technology connects all the digital resources and jiang han pedestrain, foot traffic generated by moving line perception heat map, help business accurate analysis customer demand, also can help the traffic administrative department of the timely and effective traffic.

jianghan road is old, old enough to record the changes of hankou in one hundred; Jianghan road is young, 5 g will give it new life, wisdom block new chapter! Let us together look forward to 5 g era of jianghan road!

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