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'Wuhu consensus' to promote high quality and economic development at night

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-15

on November 15th to 17th, upon the approval of the culture and tourism, by the China institute of tourism, people's government of wuhu and shenzhen famous hui technology co. , LTD. Jointly sponsored by the China 2019 held in anhui wuhu economic BBS at night.

this BBS 'economy - at night Happy new life, new kinetic energy development 'as the theme. During the BBS, the organizers to form the high quality and economic development on the night of wuhu consensus, on the night have directional significance of economic development.

high quality and economic development of wuhu consensus about night

1, the development of Chinese economy at night time, broad prospects. In the current situation, high quality and economic development has become a top priority at night.

2, night economy are an important force in promoting a new round of consumption upgrade, consumption is the inherent requirement of power quality and economic development, is a necessary choice to satisfy people yearning for a better life.

3, night economy to explore, from a spontaneous local development towards strategic consciousness, strengthen and city function orientation, space layout, industrial structure, achieve supply side structural reforms.

4, city through market-oriented technical innovation, content innovation and business practices, adjust measures to local conditions to build in line with the temperament of the city night, night entertainment, night, night and purchasing, overnight, and other products, the formation of a batch of specialization, marketization, characteristic brand project, the construction of night tour consumption cluster areas and night economy demonstration project.

5, cities to implement, the color change surroundings, beautification and purification, improve public transportation and parking lot at night lighting, environmental sanitation, roads and public places, such as security service system.

6, perfect night economic strategic planning, policy system and management ability, mining the local economic development potential, and at night to explore economic development strategy and path at night, development mode and investment direction, application of science and technology and art, summarizes the typical practical cases.

7, tourism and culture of rights and interests of rights as the center, the development of contemporary economy at night, the night more consumer interest and higher grade and higher evaluation, with high quality products and services at night increasing people's feeling, happiness and satisfaction.

8, strengthen administration industry-university-institute cooperation and international exchange, discuss the co-construction and sharing, the burgeoning tourism consumption at night, the night leisure and cultural activities, related industries and the public service to the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the future.

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