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Wuxi sampling goods circulation line including 58 kinds of lighting products

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-28

recently, wuxi market supervision bureau's website released 2018 annual circulation offline check the unqualified commodity, involving 58 kinds of lighting products.

among them, the portable general lamps and lanterns ( Desk lamp) 14 main unqualified project unqualified products include: tag project unqualified accounted for 100%, construction project unqualified accounts for more than 78. 5%, creepage distance and clearance accounted for 50%; In the 14 kinds of LED bulb light main unqualified projects include: power factor projects and color patients than 28. 5%, wet processing after the insulation resistance and dielectric strength, lamp power projects accounted for more than 21. 4%; In 27 minutes of lamps and lanterns is unqualified products main unqualified projects include: power terminal voltage projects accounted for more than 92. Accounted for 5%, marking project 85. Accounted for 1%, and the structure project of 62. 9%.

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