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Xi 'an bell tower with 320 lights to open new lighting at night

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-11

on January 15th, in order to ensure the safety of ontology, celebrates its ancient capital of xi 'an in China, the drum tower is illuminated at night to upgrade. At present, the clock tower new lighting model have start debugging, drum tower will immediately start debugging, will run before the Spring Festival. New lighting model of

the official of the clock tower in the snow responded that the ascension, in order to ensure no ontology lighting installation, thus adopts precision cast light over a long distance method, relying on the surrounding buildings, light pole, of the drum tower by distant light lights lighting, in order to achieve the desired effect.

China building northwest design and research institute deputy chief engineer, said doole drum tower lighting transformation mainly adopts the conventional method of world ancient building lighting. By using new technology, adopts the truncated project-light lamp light type, precision cast light, reduces glare, effective light projection of as much as possible to the course. based on; Used in lighting lamps and lanterns, LED lights, compared to traditional lighting more energy conservation and environmental protection, control and more convenient; In lighting control ways in a variety of control mode, night mode, daily mode and holidays, the model can better energy saving at night.

doole said:

the light 20 street lamps mainly use around the clock tower, an additional 4 on each street lamp lights, a total of 80, the building has 240 lights on, a total of 320 lamp, to satisfy the light effect of the clock tower.

the lamps and lanterns is not installed on ancient ontology, also meet the national printing on November 8th 'on further strengthening the guidance of fire safety work of cultural relics, article 7 of the relevant requirements of the' strict safety ': cultural relic buildings shall not be installed directly on the lamps and lanterns' rope ', in the installation outside the building of cultural relics of lamps and lanterns should keep a safe distance.

in addition, in the previous argument, experts say, the beauty of the drum tower structure, need to be on the premise of protection, fine carving painting with light, and the circuit safety is particularly important. Experts advise in this transformation give full consideration to the service life of electrical equipment, circuit and loss, to take this opportunity to the circuit of census tower, promote innovation, along with all the internal circuit is maximum security protection of cultural relics.

the experts put forward the design of the transformer room, also want to consider safety for night lighting double circuit power, always be prepared, and the power switch to achieve seamless docking, do fine, used for a long time.

at present, the lighting has basic installation is complete, is to speed up the progress successively start debugging, to ensure the quality of lighting. Before the Spring Festival, after lighting a new mode to upgrade the tower will be officially running, light of xi 'an city center and presents the charm, thus for xian 'in Chinese, see' add a beautiful scene.

for a lot of people care about protection of ontology, thus right to the city planning department, northwestern university professor east said, safety of cultural relics is a premise of protection and utilization of cultural relics, no security of cultural relics, all use and activation. Ways and methods of use of cultural relics, with minimal intervention principle as the prerequisite. For cultural relics, the smaller the degree of intervention, the more conducive to the cultural relics protection. Methods and techniques, now removed a lot of the original wire, moving all the electronic facilities on the ontology of cultural relics, more conducive to the protection of cultural relics.

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