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Xi 'an datang metope fire engulfed the city that never sleeps LED lighting manufacturers to be vigilant

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-16

on July 23, according to the city of xi 'an municipal public security bureau traffic police detachment in qujiang brigade official weibo message:

on the evening of July 23, 2019, 20 when 50, xi 'an qujiang newly developed area datang city that never sleeps one pedestrian street the tong dynasty street characteristics of a building fa? Ade is on fire.

after receiving news, xi 'an qujiang great wild goose pagoda squadron police 10 BeiQin police to the scene rapidly, traffic jams, segregation in scope, 5 fire engines arrived on the scene to buy time.

in the evening, xi 'an fire rescue team after the wild goose pagoda brigade to the scene, after more than ten minutes of nervous saves, flame was 21 PM to put out.

it is reported that the fire area of about 70 square meters, the fire fighters into the construction of internal investigation, confirm that no one was injured. At present, the flame has been put out, the block order is normal, the cause is under investigation.

on site is introduced, the cause could be the result of a wall lamp with short circuit, they immediately organize fire fighting after a fire, the accident caused no casualties.

in recent years, the domestic market 'blowout' urban landscape lighting, across the country have introduced urban landscape lighting planning. Among them, the facade lighting as an important part was also included. Therefore, how to ensure the safety of the building facade lighting products, need lighting manufacturers attention and vigilance.

for the incident, the personage inside course of study points out that the cause of the accident not rule out the possibility of using inferior LED lights belt. Each year due to quality closes nevertheless, after all, causing the fire case and a lot of lighting products.

of course, the cause is under investigation, the official has not yet come out, everything is not a final verdict. But one thing is sure, choose qualified lighting products, quality guaranteed, can more to avoid similar things happen.

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