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Xiamen: September 17 year old village street lamps in all new completed more than 70% at present

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-02

in recent days, lived before Po, found that people of the north 'serving' for almost 20 years in village in succession of the old street lamp with new LED lights. The reporter understands from the municipal municipal engineering center, the first Po, north district, such as lotus yue in 17 street lamp was placed on the ascension of older communities, 1515 will be installed, and a new street light, complete volume has exceeded 70%, plan completed in September.

17 old village includes: after the island in the north and the south area, fairy cave village, after the island in the north, evergreen, yueyang area, XianGe garden in the north, Jiang Huali, in jiangning, lotus yue in southern new village, east village, pu, Lv Ling garden and the phase ii of the first phase of recreation, recreational, lotus Po before sitting east village, longshan industrial zone, north district.

in recent years, the municipal engineering center and advance the old village back streets lights ascension reconstruction project, the project is divided into three phases, the first issue in 2018 completed seven compounds and nearly 40 of the lamps in the back streets, completed the second phase of the project 2019 17 street lamp of older communities, at present, the third phase transformation are also in the pipeline.

after transforming the new street light, are all made of LED lights, not only the energy conservation and environmental protection, high intensity of illumination, and the new street lamp management by adopting the technology of Internet of things, the daily maintenance and more timely and efficient than the traditional manual inspection.

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