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Yang xm: forget the specification, the rebellion of lamplight

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-19

the sudden new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak disrupted the rhythm of industry development, although companies are gradually return to work and production, but the industry is full of anxiety and discomfort, enterprises face up, project delay, orders, market cannot develop, and so on difficulties, designers are faced with the career development bottleneck.

to help enterprises and designer completes the market response, do their ascension, spend the difficulties. On March 11, according to institute a new war in the China lighting network, 'disease' series of public class, we invited to the opening time presided over designer Yang xm for everyone to speak, more than 2000 online viewers. Xiao-ming Yang teacher from the Angle of the interior designer and we delve into the space, light, and the intrinsic relationship between people, and express his original ideas about lighting design, we have said all the more rewarding, wanting more.

at the request of people, on March 18, at 8 PM, xiao-ming Yang teacher will bring new theme 'forget the specification, the rebellion of lamplight, once again came to live according to the institute of online teaching platform for everybody, the class teacher Yang will design experience for many years to give, bring more dry, clear for everybody in the design of indoor space, light and the inner relationship. In addition, with the support of shenzhen huacai photoelectric co. , LTD. , the course will also further reading lighting products used in interior design, professional and efficient solutions are given.

huacai photoelectric part of the case show

huacai photoelectric is a focus on the LED lighting industry in the national high and new technology enterprise, its own product brand COLORS, focus on linear LED lighting field, is committed to become a global influence indoor lighting brand innovation. Need good products to support the good design, good products need good design to show more, this time course is a top designer and the collision of high quality products, will bring new surprises.

huacai part photoelectric product display

that original price 99 yuan, this course is now sweeping add WeChat can get 99 yuan coupon code, free classes! Limited places, to listen to quickly!

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