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Yichang city 25 old community complete lighting engineering

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-29

a few days ago, the back streets of yichang city 25 community lighting task, one month in advance all the newly installed more than 100 street lamp lights.

this year, yichang will back streets lighting work as a key work in the service of the people's livelihood. Since June, street light center engaged in human resources, special is responsible for the back streets of the lighting work.

it is understood that the project involves the surroundings, college street, pearl, xiba 4 JieBan, including the stadium, the peach blossom hill, hill road, orchard road, yiling road, (,, jiefang road, east main street, HuanBei YingXiongShan, xiao home, guangming road and bridge north 25 community.

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