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Yinchuan will be 4. 50000 lamp high pressure sodium lamp light source for LED bulbs

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-22

a few days ago, yinchuan with China energy conservation and environmental protection group and crystal lighting co. , LTD. , cooperation, will be 4 in the city. 50000 lamp high pressure sodium lamp light source replacement for LED energy-saving lamps and lanterns, the work is expected to completed before the Spring Festival in 2019.

in addition, yinchuan will also be on the road lighting control system upgrade, every night a lamp can be unified dimmer, according to the actual demand in road illumination regulation range inner early can decrease the brightness, realize the secondary effect of energy saving.

according to the practical test and theoretical calculation, project reform the year after 36. 3 million degrees to save power consumption, power saving rate is over 60%, yinchuan green lighting rate more than 90%.

edit: YanZhiXiang

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