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Yiyang close landscape lighting lamps in half to open

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-25

on July 27, the reporter learned from yiyang city in hunan province and orderly electricity leading group office, is urging each unit to cooperate to stop using advertising lights, neon lights, shoot the landscape such as electricity, street lighting in half open, ensure that the needs of the people's livelihood.

late July 26, yiyang power load reached a record high of 1718. 6 megawatts. With fine hot hot weather continues, yiyang power grid are faced with high temperature and high load brought a severe test, some main equipment during peak hours what may be overloaded overload.

now, including his no, ruanjiang, chase lake, the lake district power grid to slightly less than the power supply ability, need to rely on technology, Transfer temporary load) To meet the lake late peak ( At 20 ~ 22) Electricity, called on citizens scientific power, avoid to use the air conditioning in the afternoon rush hour outside of the other electrical equipment.

the yiyang city street lamp was half open, wanda, ocean city closed landscape lighting, etc.

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