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Zhejiang jinhua using the classroom intelligent lighting equipment to prevent students myopia

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-27

to protect children vision group, jinhua city, zhejiang province, the west station primary schools, primary schools and dong yuan primary school many schools began to try to use intelligent lighting equipment, with the appropriate brightness to let the students feel comfortable, especially the eyes to relax.

according to xiyuan primary school 'exhibition, director of the office, starting from the second half of last year, to better protect students' eyesight health, xiyuan primary school starting from the individual and the needs of teachers and students, considering the factors, the selection of the Ministry of Education education equipment research and development center and vertical marsh classroom lighting products, joint research and development of the whole eye LED to 36 classes, and improve the teacher's office for the whole school lights.

after modification, the desk surface average illuminance on the 430 lx ( Lux, light intensity unit) , blackboard, on average, intensity of illumination reached 700 lx, the indicators are better than national standards. According to the relevant national standard, the classroom desktop illumination should be greater than or equal to 300 lx.

new lights more has the characteristics of intelligent, energy saving, presupposition, projection, self-study, activities in class four kind of intelligence mode, a key trigger lighting, projector, curtains, etc. , provide different scenarios best light environment, improve teaching efficiency. All installation of lighting can automatically according to the brightness of the classroom light adjustment, outside light is stronger, the classroom lights brightness automatically reduced. On the other hand, automatically adjustable light. The intensity of illumination for the desk faces constant to stay above the national standard, need not be open to turn off the lights, can effectively reduce energy consumption.

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