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Zhejiang Long Qing highway tunnel realizing a complete coverage of the LED

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-19

in the lighting industry, the traditional lighting has continued to make the transition to LED lighting. In recent years, especially since this year, around the world have adopted LED lamps to replace traditional lamps and lanterns, in order to achieve energy saving, environmental protection, intelligent control and so on.

according to the report, the zhejiang province cities of tunnels and highways have complete street reconstruction. Lishui Long Qing highway, Huang Tan, sand hills, new town can last 3 tunnel LED Lantern Festival renovation project has been done on October 9th.

October 15, according to a news Long Qing highway across the tunnel are also completed LED Lantern Festival can change, become the first across the tunnel of lishui city highway of realizing a complete coverage of LED lights.

it is understood that the illumination energy conservation transformation plan of the original 6000 light tunnel of high pressure sodium lamp replacement for LED energy-saving lamps, lighting light sources in tunnel lighting, the luminous flux, the light attenuation, the life, light color and color rendering requirements, such as comprehensive intelligent lighting brightness adjustment, at the same time also can guarantee the automobile emissions form haze has good visibility, public travel more convenient.

reports showed that since 2017, began Long Qing highway tunnel lighting energy saving project, a total of 10 tunnel LED lights have been completed all of the energy saving renovation project. After modification, is expected to save power consumption more than 60 degrees, annual energy saving rate is as high as 50% above. Source:

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