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Zhejiang province pledges inspect bureau 43 selectiving examination unqualified batch product of lamps and lanterns 2 batches

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-17

on September 30, 2018, zhejiang province quality technology supervision bureau's website selectives examination results, lamps and lanterns product in zhejiang province in 2018 in hangzhou, jiaxing, shaoxing, three selectiving examination 43 enterprises 43 batch product of lamps and lanterns, the unqualified 2 batch, batch is not qualified rate of 4. 65%. Unqualified project mainly concentrated in: mark, external wiring and internal wiring.

consumption guide:

1, the logo. When lamps and lanterns of choose and buy, should view product logo, for the product type, specification, rated voltage, standards and other relevant information, whether the label is complete.

2, specification. How to correctly install lamps and lanterns, how to correctly use the lamps and lanterns, how to change the light source and other important information that is complete.

3, CCC certification marks. Fixed dome light, droplight, desk lamp, floor lamp and embedded hutch lamps and other lighting products, is currently national compulsory certification of products, consumers buy these lamps and lanterns, can see whether first with CCC authentication marks.

2018 product of lamps and lanterns selectives examination results summary table

release time: in September 2018,

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