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new solar street light all in one design CHZ-IST11 for the S22 provincial highway in Zhejiang | CHZ solar street light manufacturer

new solar street light all in one design CHZ-IST11 for the S22 provincial highway in Zhejiang | CHZ solar street light manufacturer


When we enjoy the convenience and comfort brought by modern technology, the earth environment on which we live is being seriously damaged; therefore, energy saving and consumption reduction have become the common will of the whole society. In order to raise the awareness of the general public about energy conservation and consumption reduction, and to achieve the goal of "implementing the double-carbon action and building a beautiful homeland", the state has designated June 15 as the "National Low-Carbon Day", and will be held from June 13 to 19. , identified as "National Energy Conservation Publicity Week".

Shanghai CHZ Lighting Co., Ltd.(called CHZ LIGHTING), as a company focusing on green and low-carbon LED lighting technology, has vigorously promoted LED lighting products in recent years to replace traditional lighting methods to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction; among them, solar street lights are one of its main products. First, constantly update, improve light efficiency, and realize intelligent management; at present, thousands of solar lighting projects have been completed in domestic and foreign markets, and have won wide acclaim from customers.

In February 2022, CHZ LIGHTING participated in the lighting facility project of a section of the S22 provincial highway in Zhejiang Province. A total of 866 sets of IST11-80W integrated solar street lights were provided for the project, which achieved good lighting effects, achieved obvious social benefits, and achieved the effect of low-carbon and energy-saving.




IST11 series integrated solar street lights, using LUMILEDS3030 lamp beads and MPPT controller, the maximum light efficiency of the whole light can reach 180LM/W, the color specially designed lens, the light coverage is larger, and the illumination uniformity is good; and UVA control technology, The farthest remote control distance is 30 meters; and the AIOT technology of the Internet of Things can be used to connect all street lights to realize real-time monitoring.




For this project, the initial owner has three options; for different schemes, they will bring different benefits to energy conservation and environmental protection for comparison:



Annual electricity



CO2 emissions


carbon consumption



447,460 kWh

446 tons


122 tons of carbon



447,460 kWh


CO2 emissions


carbon emissions


313,222 kWh


CO2 Emissions


Carbon Emissions

Our solution is: Solar + Internet of Things. The pole height is 10 meters, and the distance between the poles is 35 meters. Our IST11-80W integrated solar street lights are used, with a color temperature of 5000K, a color rendering index of ≥Ra70, and a light efficiency of 180LM/W.

We use coal-burning thermal power generation as a reference to calculate the emission reduction benefits of electricity saving. According to the statistics of experts: for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity saved, 0.997 kilograms of “carbon dioxide” is reduced accordingly, which is equivalent to 0.272 kilograms of “carbon” reduction. The initial investment of the mains power supply scheme may be slightly lower, but considering the later maintenance and impact on the environment, the solar power supply and solar power + IoT power supply schemes are more feasible. Considering the convenience of lighting debugging and maintenance in the later stage, the project finally adopts the solar energy + Internet of Things solution and the Internet of Things control module, which can realize the following functions:

1) You can view the actual and historical data of the solar street lights registered in the system (daily charge capacity, daily discharge capacity, device voltage, device current, device power, etc.);

2) The lighting time and brightness of street lamps can be modified remotely;

3) Fault reporting and quick maintenance (in case of solar street light failure, an error will be reported in the system, and the specific location and number of the faulty light will be displayed, so that customers can quickly find and repair);

4) The IoT control module also takes into account the energy-saving debugging function, and can manually adjust the lighting mode according to the actual use and environmental conditions of customers.




Based on various performance comparisons, the owner finally chose our solution and products.

After nearly 2 months of intense construction, the project has been installed and put into use; after on-site testing, the average illuminance of the road surface has reached 25LX, and the uniformity has reached 0.4; it can be seen from the weekly data of the Internet of Things background (as shown in the figure below), perfect Realize the transformation and utilization of natural energy, achieve energy conservation and environmental protection and the effective use of natural resources.






After the implementation of the project, the lighting effect has been widely praised by the surrounding residents; the energy saving effect and intelligent control have won high praise from the leaders of the local municipal department. CHZ LIGHTING will continue to develop more solar lighting products, practice green and low-carbon commitments, actively promote the use of solar street lights, do a good job in the production, research and development, promotion and publicity of solar street lights, implement the "double carbon" action, and build a beautiful The great purpose of the homeland continues to contribute.

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