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Zhejiang spot fire emergency lighting lamps and lanterns, and other products: 1 batch unqualified

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-26

on December 18, market supervision bureau of zhejiang province website fire emergency lighting lamps and lanterns, and other products in zhejiang province in 2018 selectives examination information. Recently, according to 'product quality law of the People's Republic of China', 'zhejiang province product quality supervision and regulation of the zhejiang province bureau of quality and technical supervision organization conducted the provincial fire emergency lighting lamps and lanterns, pump adapter products supervision and spot checks, which examined, hangzhou, ningbo, wenzhou, shaoxing, jiaxing, jinhua, quzhou 14 batches of 14 companies in seven areas such as product. Unqualified 1 batch, batch fraction defective is 7. 14%. Product is unqualified project focused on the basic function test, high temperature test and low temperature test, the constant humid heat test, vibration test. Three areas examined, wenzhou, jinhua, quzhou 6 companies batch pump adapter products, unqualified batch, batch is not qualified rate is 0.

2018 fire emergency lighting products selectives examination results summary table

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