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Zhongshan city prosecutors intellectual property rights (ipr) protection studio set up: power guzhen lighting industry development

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-13

on December 19, zhongshan zhongshan procuratorial organs in China ( Lamp act the role ofing) Intellectual property rights of fast center studio set up the protection of intellectual property rights and for the opening ceremony. Standing committee of the communist party, politics and law committee secretary Yang An team, zhongshan city, the city's procuratorate party secretary and the attorney general Ye Xiangkao, guzhen town ZhenWei secretary liu, deputy secretary, mayor KuangZhi ZhenWei, vice secretary of ZhenWei shao-jie Lin attended the ceremony.

town ZhenWei secretary liu welcome speech, said in the support from the procuratorial organs, zhongshan city, 'studio' zhongshan procuratorial organ protection of intellectual property rights celebration was established, further perfect the intellectual property administrative law enforcement and criminal justice of corresponding mechanism, woven on the intellectual property protection laws, consolidate the foundation for the construction of 'town of rule of law'. Perfect intellectual property rights protection system will effectively stimulate entrepreneurial innovation, improve my town lighting industry's global influence and voice.

zhongshan's chief prosecutor said Ye Xiangkao studio set up the protection of intellectual property rights is the procuratorial organ to deepen the service of non-public economy and an important measure. As legal supervision organs, procuratorial organs will be in the studio as a platform, as the protection of intellectual property rights, strengthening innovation protection, service guarantee power reform and development of the new era of zhongshan.

the zhongshan municipal committee, secretary of the committee Yang An team in his speech, pointed out that the studio set up in zhongshan procuratorial organ protection of intellectual property rights, in order to strengthen the intellectual property rights the convenience and efficiency of the judicial relief, power guzhen lighting industry development. Zhongshan city prosecutors will further open the establishment of intellectual property rights (ipr) studio and broaden the procuratorial organ to handle the disputes of intellectual property rights complaint channels, in order to promote the city's high quality development.

it is understood that the studio's function mainly includes the front guide of criminal cases of intellectual property infringement, intellectual property rights civil administrative litigation supervision, deepen the administrative law enforcement and criminal justice of corresponding working mechanism, etc.

after the meeting, by the state intellectual property office of the design review, deputy director of wenlin li made the theme of 'application for a patent for quality improvement' training. Wenlin li in the form of law, combining the case, tells the story of by improve the quality of an application for a patent for better protection of innovation, and the interaction with the representatives.

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