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Everything You Need to Know About Basketball Court Lighting

Everything You Need to Know About Basketball Court Lighting


Good lighting is crucial in indoor basketball games due to the sport's primarily indoor nature. Insufficient lighting in a court presents challenges for players to clearly navigate and perceive the ball while simultaneously impairing the audience's ability to comprehend the ongoing events.

For a long time, basketball courts have commonly used lighting options such as halogen and metal halide lamps. Conventional outdoor basketball lighting can be expensive and energy-consuming. In addition, the lifespan of traditional lighting is considerably limited.
LED basketball court lightings are more efficient when used outdoors. It offers a significantly longer lifespan in comparison to traditional lighting alternatives. We shall explore techniques to light up basketball courts and hoops when it is dark outside.

Requirements for the Lighting Design

Setting up LED lighting for every basketball court necessitates specific and unique criteria. Ensure that the lighting arrangement for your basketball court meets all the necessary criteria, regardless of whether it is for commercial, residential, recreational, or professional purposes.

1. Illuminance Levels

One aspect to take into account is the degree of brightness that LED lighting offers. According to the recommended lighting regulations for basketball, a minimum of 200 lux is necessary for events not being broadcasted on television. The typical area of a basketball court in the United States is 4700 square feet. Feet.

2. Surge Protection

Surge protection and IP rating are the primary aspects to take into consideration when it comes to lighting for a basketball court. Having surge protection is vital for LED lights' operation because an abrupt surge in electrical current can harm or disrupt the functioning of the LED light. Think about a situation in which your LED lights stop working because of a sudden surge in power. This will not only have consequences for the current game but also harm your reputation. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase an LED light that includes built-in surge protection.

3. Flicker Free

The camera often captures subpar strobe lighting in basketball courts. The modern cameras used in today's society have excellent fast performance abilities. To ensure adequate lighting for broadcasting, it is crucial to make a substantial investment in top-notch lighting equipment. Using LED lighting that is compatible with video capture at a minimum frame rate of 6000 fps is recommended. The frequency of flickering should be less than zero. This is because high-speed cameras are unable to detect it.

4. Anti-Glare

An essential consideration for the lighting design of a basketball court is the incorporation of a feature that reduces glare. It is widely acknowledged that excessive glare can be irritating for both the players and the audience. This leads to discomfort and has a detrimental impact on the players' ability to see clearly. Smart paraphrase: The result is a decrease in the performance of the players.

5. Lighting Standard

If you intend to host professional or televised basketball games on your court, it is crucial to ensure that the design of your court can meet the broadcasting needs. According to the rules, it is required that your stadium maintains a minimum brightness level of 2000 lux. Another important aspect to take into account is the ratio of the highest and lowest lux levels. The value must not go beyond 0. It is important to also consider the lighting's color temperature and CRI when examining other relevant factors. The minimum acceptable CRI is 90, and the color temperature should be between 5500K and 6000K.

Outdoor Basketball Court Lighting Design

The LED lighting design for basketball courts differs depending on whether the event is televised or not. To ensure your basketball court is suitable for professional or broadcasted games, it is important to ensure it is specifically tailored for such purposes. For best results in terms of brightness, it is advised to have a lighting intensity of 2000 lux installed in your stadium. This aligns with the standard. Considering the ratio between the highest and lowest lux values is a crucial factor to consider.

Indoor Basket Ball Court Lighting Design

The lighting design for indoor basketball courts differs slightly from that of outdoor basketball courts. A function that eliminates glare is indispensable. Indoor stadiums frequently feature the presence of reflective flooring. Smartly improve the court's performance by readjusting the ceiling lights to emit an upward glow. To make up for the absorption of light by the ceiling, the LED lights will require extra power. It is essential to ensure proper management of factors such as brightness, color temperature, color rendering index, and other related elements. Make sure to adhere to lighting regulations.

Residential Basketball Court Lighting Desigh

Residential basketball court lighting is a crucial aspect of creating a safe and enjoyable playing environment for both daytime and nighttime use. Properly designed lighting not only enhances visibility and performance on the court but also adds a touch of ambiance to the outdoor space. By strategically placing light fixtures, controlling glare, and ensuring adequate lighting levels, players can enjoy games after sunset without compromising on quality or safety. High-quality LED fixtures, efficient lighting layout, and compliance with regulations all contribute to a well-designed residential basketball court lighting system that meets the needs of players and enhances the overall appeal of the outdoor area.

How Much Energy is Required to Light Up a Basketball Court?

In order to display NBA and FIBA World Cup games at your basketball court, it is imperative to guarantee a minimum lighting level of 2000 lux. In addition, it is crucial to maintain a balance in the level of lighting in the basketball court so that the lowest and highest illumination levels have a maximum ratio of 0. To fulfill the necessary lighting standards, a light source must have a color rendering index of at least 80 and a color temperature between 4000 K and 6000 K.

Where to get the Best Quality Basketball Court Lighting From?

CHZ Lighting is a street lighting and flood lighting manufacturer that offers a wide range of LED light fixtures for indoor and outdoor installation. Their LED lamps have a high luminosity while consuming low energy at the same time. These lights are environmentally friendly and can work for more than 50,000 hours without any issues. You can also get the basketball court lighting without any fear of being scammed of a low-quality product. CHZ Lighting is an all-in-one solution for LED lighting that has a long life and is of great quality that matches only the top manufacturers’ products!


Investing in LED lights for your basketball court is a smart and efficient way to improve the lighting in your space. This not only saves money but also has positive ecological impacts. In order to maintain a steady and bright light on the basketball court, it is important to install LED lights as per the specified lighting design.

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