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CHZ-GD01A garden lights are widely used on the streets of Greece

CHZ-GD01A garden lights are widely used on the streets of Greece


Gothic architecture is characterized by tall spiers, pointed arches, large windows and stained glass with biblical stories. In the design, pointed rib vaults, flying buttresses, and slender beams are used to create a light and slender feeling of flying into the sky. The new frame structure increases the strength of the top support, giving the entire building a straight line, a majestic appearance, and an open space inside the church. It is often combined with long windows inlaid with stained glass to create a strong religious atmosphere in the church.

On the streets of Europe, there are many classic garden lights, which complement their Gothic architectural culture; the light source has been alternately updated with the development of technology, from incandescent lamps to HID, and then to LED, but the shape of the lamp shell remains unchanged. Then, GD01A garden light is a classic representative, which not only retains the Gothic appearance, but also adds light control function; in addition, according to customer needs, PC sheets can be added to reduce glare. This makes the overall effect more prominent and highlights its aristocratic temperament.

We tested the quality of the lamp, successfully passed a series of tests in the TUV laboratory, and obtained CE, CB and ENEC quality certifications. Since the product was launched, it has won widespread trust from European customers and received many orders. During this trip to Greece, I accompanied the customer to visit the streets where the lamp was applied and took photos of night scenes.

The lighting effect of these lights is very good, not only retaining the traditional appearance, but also achieving the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction; the customer is full of confidence in this product and plans to promote this garden light to more urban applications in Greece. We also hope to cooperate with customers so that our lamps can bring more light to European customers and make CHZ LIGHTING shine in every city in Europe.

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