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CHZ LIGHTING participated in the "Love Action Day" charity sale

CHZ LIGHTING participated in the "Love Action Day" charity sale


On the morning of April 14th, the "Gratitude to Society, Devotion of Love on April 15th" Service for the People event jointly organized by the Party Committee of the Mobile Party Member School in Nanxiang Town and the Nanxiang Working Committee of the Jiading District Personal Private Association was held at the small square outside the Deyuan Community Party and Mass Service Station. At the event site, there is also a 40 person volunteer team composed of relevant functional departments and social forces, bringing rich and colorful love activities to the residents.





At the beginning of the event, many citizens and residents gathered in front of the convenience service stalls, grinding knives, repairing umbrellas, matching keys, haircuts... Volunteers provided a total of 7 services for the residents, which facilitated the various living needs of the surrounding residents. The volunteers were full of enthusiasm, with various tools such as hair clippers and sharpeners constantly busy in their hands. The prince on the side cut a neat "round inch" and said happily, "My legs and feet are not very agile. I heard that I can have my hair cut here today, and it happens to be right at my doorstep. It's really convenient



On the side, the free clinic service provided by Shanghai Ciyuan Rehabilitation Hospital has also been warmly welcomed by residents, and on-site medical staff have provided services such as blood pressure measurement, massage, and oral examination. During the consultation process, medical staff provided knowledge on common diseases and common health and prevention methods for residents who came to participate in free clinics.


In addition, departments such as the Nanxiang Town Mobile Party Member School, Individual Private Association, Consumer Protection Commission, and Market Supervision and Management Institute have also set up service booths on site to provide assistance and answer questions for residents who come and go. Our company, CHZ LIGHTING participated in this Love-Action Day activity.  This is the sixth consecutive year that our company has participated in such dedication activities, leaving a good impression on the residents of Nanxiang. We will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of contributing to society, actively participate in various public welfare activities, and make more contributions to society.


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