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CHZ LIGHTING airport lighting case | Retrofits Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport

CHZ LIGHTING airport lighting case | Retrofits Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport



Recently, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport successfully completed the energy-saving renovation of the second phase of the apron high pole lights. The agent of CHZ LIGHTING in Zhejiang Province provides one professional comprehensive energy-saving services for it, using high-efficiency and green LED light sources, and on the basis of comprehensively improving the lighting quality of the apron, the power saving rate reaches 58%, which effectively promotes the green internationalization of this Airport construction.


Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is located in the east of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 27 kilometers away from the city center. It is an important trunk airport in China, an airport for international scheduled flights, a first-class air port open to the outside world, and an alternate airport for international flights. It is known as the No. 1 airport in Zhejiang Province. Air Portal. Relying on the sufficient passenger and cargo resources and strong aviation market demand in Zhejiang Province and its surrounding areas, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport has grown rapidly since its establishment and opened to navigation, and its route network has grown in scale.



Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport will be constructed in three phases: near, medium and far in accordance with the principle of "one-time planning and phased construction". After the third phase expansion project is put into operation, it will become the second largest aviation hub in East China. In order to implement the concept of "green, intelligent, frugal, and civilized" in the Asian Games and deeply implement the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction, Xiaoshan Airport has launched the energy-saving renovation project of high-pole lamps. Jiongda Energy Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CHZ LIGHTING, relies on rich The EMC project operation experience has successfully undertaken the energy-saving renovation of the first and second phases of the high-pole light in the airfield.



Following the completion of the energy-saving renovation of 248 lamps on No. 2 station in the first phase, the second phase of the project was launched. The renovation period is 4 months and the operation period is 8 years. The EMC contract energy management model is adopted. 288 sets of lamps in No. 6 station, 143 sets of lamps in No. 7 station, 341 sets of lamps in No. 9 station, a total of 1,149 sets of high-pole lamps, implement LED energy-saving renovation, comprehensively improve and enhance the lighting quality of the apron, and achieve energy saving and reduction of emissions. cost of protection.


The renovation uses LED energy-saving lamps to replace traditional HPS lamps. Before the renovation, there were 1073 pcs of 1000W HPS lamps and 76 pcs of 400W HPS lamps, with a total power of 1103.4KW. After the renovation, LED lamps with lower energy consumption, better luminous efficiency, longer life and lower maintenance cost were adopted. The total power dropped to 459.6KW, and the measured power saving rate was over 58%.



At present, the project has successfully passed the acceptance inspection, and the quality of on-site lighting has been comprehensively improved. The average illuminance of the camera has increased from the original 20lx to over 40lx, and the uniformity has increased to about 0.4. All technical indicators meet the acceptance standards, and the comfortable and bright lighting environment is more comfortable and bright. It will ensure the safety of airport staff and help create a benchmark for "green airport" construction.



In recent years, CHZ LIGHTING has provided high-quality LED lighting contract energy management and energy-saving renovation solutions for many application scenarios and customers with its excellent product technology and professional service capabilities. In the future, CHZ LIGHTING's subsidiaries will actively respond to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, practice the concept of green development, take the initiative to assume corporate social responsibility, and participate in more lighting energy-saving projects with high-quality products and professional solutions. Carbon peaks and carbon neutrality contribute wisdom and strength.

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