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CHZ LIGHTING Spain sponsors CROSSFIT event

CHZ LIGHTING Spain sponsors CROSSFIT event


CrossFit is a fitness technology system. CrossFit originally meant cross fitness, also known as mixed fitness. Unlike bodybuilding, it does not prioritize physical appearance and does not emphasize isolated muscle training. But with the goal of acquiring specific athletic abilities, it enhances one's physical and athletic abilities through a variety of high frequency, fast, and explosive movements based on one's own weight and load. It develops not only strength, but also the conditions required to complete the exercise, such as explosive power, speed, coordination, endurance, etc. Therefore, it is also called "comprehensive strength".

Compared to traditional bodybuilding methods, CrossFit is closer to natural fitness and more conducive to comprehensive physical exercise within an effective time. Various aerobic and anaerobic interspersed training methods have significantly improved aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance, and explosive power. The body produced by this exercise method is suitable for providing quality training for a wider range of sports, which is favored by athletes such as combat, military, and others.

The CrossFit training system, or organization, holds an annual CrossFit Games to compete for the strongest man and woman on Earth (The Fit on Earth), which is also broadcasted on ESPN Sports Channel. And CrossFit also implies the concept of Boot Camp group training, where a group of people can train together indoors or outdoors. Train together in groups, encourage and motivate each other, and complete individual training with the effect of group therapy.

Recently, CHZ LIGHTINGING Spain participated in the lighting renovation project of CROSSFIT Club and sponsored a series of activities for CROSSFIT GAMES; And participated in a series of activities at the CROSSFIT club.

By participating in CROSSFIT's series of activities, more high-end young people have become aware of the CHZ LIGHTINGING brand, thereby establishing a certain level of popularity and enhancing the brand's reputation. By sponsoring F1 car rally and CROSSFIT sports events, more and more consumers are experiencing the activities of the CHZ LIGHTINGING brand, making people feel young and energetic. I believe that the situation of CHZ LIGHTINGING in the European market will continue to improve.

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