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CHZ Smart-Street-Lights Illuminate Lasi

CHZ Smart-Street-Lights Illuminate Lasi


Lasi is a city in northeastern Romania and the capital of Lasi County. The city of Lasi has the second largest industrial base in Romania. The main industrial sectors are food, beverages, electricity, textiles, metallurgy, forestry, furniture, construction, electronics and machine manufacturing. Lasi's vineyards and grape products are world-renowned. Many types of local grapes have won gold medals in international competitions and are shipped to all parts of the world at competitive prices.

Lasi has been the cultural and artistic center of Romania and even Eastern Europe since ancient times. Its long cultural tradition has earned it the reputation of "The Cradle of Romanian Culture". Today, Lasi is a university town with 7 universities, 4 private universities, 50,000 students and 4,000 faculty and staff. There are also 13 technology transformation institutions in Lasi, making it the second largest technology transformation center in Romania. and one of the most important scientific centers.

In the early morning, a group of us left the Hilton Hotel in Bucharest and started driving to our next destination - Lasi.

Early morning in Bucharest

The latitude of Bucharest is similar to that of Beijing. It was already winter in early December. The temperature in the early morning was -5℃, and there were many places with ice on the streets outside. However, the cold did not affect our interest. On the contrary, we started a new day of visiting and headed to Lasi. After nearly 6 hours of driving, we finally arrived at a hotel in Lasi and checked in.

Night view of Iasi hotel

However, this was not the end of our night; after a simple dinner, we started heading to the nearby engineering project site, the suburbs of Iasi. After nearly a year of hard work, we have cooperated with our customers and installed a large number of smart street lights in Iasi and many areas in the north. Since the Russo-Ukrainian War, Europe has begun to reject Russian energy, and energy prices have skyrocketed. Therefore, European countries have adopted a large number of smart energy-saving lighting products to replace the previous HID and previous low-efficiency LED street lights. On the one hand, the Russia-Ukraine war brought destruction to world peace and caused a large number of lives to be devastated; however, it also created rare opportunities for our smart street light products.

Intelligent street lights use Internet technology to upload traditional street light signals to the cloud, so that they can be remotely controlled, switched on and off, and dimmed to achieve maximum energy saving. At the same time, all street lights can be monitored in real time to grasp every step. The working condition of street lights can be maintained in a timely manner to ensure urban lighting safety and lighting health. The following is the technical analysis chart of our smart street lights:

We cooperated with Zhejiang Fouda Intelligent Control Co., Ltd., a well-known intelligent lighting controller supplier in China, and combined the characteristics of our products to launch CHZ LIGHTING intelligent lighting street lamps. This street lamp uses the latest 4G interconnection technology to turn individual street lamps into It forms a group of interconnected street lights, and then uses a centralized controller to upload the signal to the cloud. The owner can know the status of each set of street lights through the server and mobile terminal, and perform dimming control.

Previously, we developed the GPRS/4G solution and the LORA solution based on different city requirements and different environments:

This project is to smartly transform all street lights in the suburbs of Lasi. Some of the street lights in Lasi were traditional HID, with power mostly 250W and above; some of the street lights were LED street lights that had been installed for many years, with low light efficiency and difficult to monitor, requiring manual on-site inspection. In this way, on the one hand, a lot of energy is wasted, and at the same time, a lot of manpower and material resources are wasted.

As shown below, this is a photo taken during the day of the renovated street lamp provided by the customer. It can be seen from here that the street lights are installed on cement pillars with a height of about 8m and a cantilever length of about 1.2m. The heights of roads in other villages and towns are almost the same. The picture above is the scene after the replacement, using our ST29 smart street light with powers of 30W, 40W and 50W.

Live street lights during the day

In the evening, we took advantage of the darkness and drove through the snow to check out the CHZ smart street light application site.

Lighting night scene live

Our street lights all use the highest brightness SMD5050 light source and specially customized lenses, which ensure high light efficiency and good uniformity. Judging from the test results, for an 8-meter-high light pole, using 30W power, the average ground illumination reaches 25LX; using 40W power, it reaches 31LX; and using 50W power, it reaches 38LX. The uniformity has reached 0.6, fully meeting or exceeding the standards required by the municipal department. The street lighting throughout the town greatly facilitates the travel of local people; although there is a lot of snow on the ground, passing vehicles are still flowing smoothly and everyone feels very safe, which means that the light color is very comfortable and bright.

Then, the customer conducted a street light intelligent control demonstration through the Fouda intelligent system installed on the iPad.

First of all, this system can clearly display the location, quantity and status of the installed smart street lights. It is very clear. Each set of street lights has a number and can be controlled centrally or individually. Then, we conducted a dimming test and adjusted the brightness of the street lights (50W) on this road from 100% to 80%, 70%, 60% ... ... 20%, 10%. The brightness on the road immediately It got dark.

Road condition at 80% power

Road condition at 50% power

Road condition at 10% power

Happily, when the power is reduced to 10%, the maximum illumination of the street light still reaches 6.5LX; when there are few vehicles late at night, there is still no problem with safe driving of the vehicle. It can be seen how important intelligent control is for energy saving in road lighting.

In the early stage, after nearly a year of hard work, we have installed more than 8,000 sets of smart street lights, reducing the power consumption of street lights by more than 50%. At the same time, we have adopted intelligent energy-saving mode and set up automatic dimming at night to reduce power. In this way, the total lighting power consumption is reduced by more than 80% compared with previous years. Both the general public and municipal management departments are very satisfied with the quality and lighting effects of our smart street lights.

Next, we will focus on the energy-saving road renovation in the entire Romanian market and use this as a model to expand into the entire Eastern European market. CHZ LIGHTING, based on high-quality LED street lights and guided by advanced intelligent control technology, will go all out to create more value for the people of Romania and Eastern Europe. CHZ LIGHTING, we are ready to go tomorrow!

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