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CHZ in the Spanish Lighting Exhibition, MATELEC

CHZ in the Spanish Lighting Exhibition, MATELEC


On November 13-November 20, 2018, the Spanish electronic power installation and lighting exhibition MATELEC was grandly opened, and CHZ Spain branch participated in the lighting event. MATELEX is one of the most important exhibitions in Spain and has a high reputation in international exhibitions. It has a great influence in the field of electric power and lighting. Since the first session in 1982, it has been a biennial session since then.

The MATELEC exhibition has strong professionalism from both the exhibits and the audience. As a traditional Western developed country and a special position, the market influence can be used in the entire European and Latin American markets, plus the sponsors. The exhibition's publicity planning and systematic services before, during and after the exhibition made the exhibition's status constantly improved, attracting exhibitors and users from all over the world.

Our company participated in the 19th MATELEC exhibition, which showed the strength and image of the company. The customers in our booth are in constant stream, showing strong interest and confidence in our products and company service capabilities. 

Finally, CHZ SHANGHAI and CHZ SPAIN participated in the exhibition, and took a group photo and reunion to celebrate the success of this MATALEC exhibition, and wished better sales in 2019!


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