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Different Work Area Requirements For LED Port Lighting

Different Work Area Requirements For LED Port Lighting


The modern ship and port industry is divided into regional lighting systems such as ship repair and building construction, plant and cargo yard, and ship body configuration. Due to the inherent characteristics of the industry, it has unique requirements for port lighting.

The work area of this industry is generally divided into the following three types:

(1) Ship repairing and building construction

Modern ship repairs ushered in the era of great voyages of large ships, with larger and larger tonnage hulls and larger and larger cabin spaces, and a lot of construction lighting had to be used during the construction of the cabin. Since the cabin construction is a typical metal environment operation, there is a great risk of electric shock. National safety voltage regulations. The construction lighting in the cabin must be lighting with a safety voltage below 36V, otherwise it is a violation of the safe electricity regulations.

Traditional light sources provide low-voltage lighting at 36V and below. Currently, they have to use 220V lighting voltage illegally, which is prone to safety accidents. Especially in the hot summer, the high temperature can easily damage the cables. Great influence. LED lighting can perfectly meet the low-voltage lighting requirements of this manure work area.

(2) Factory and material yard

This type of area has a large space and a wide area, which requires flood lighting. Because it is generally in a harsh environment, the lamps are required to have good protective performance and anti-corrosion performance.

(3) Ship body configuration

This type of area is the space of the hull itself, which requires uniform and soft lighting. At the same time, it has high requirements for the protection performance, shockproof performance, and energy saving performance of the lamps. At present, conventional lamps with fluorescent light sources are generally used, which have short life, poor shock resistance, low light efficiency, and high maintenance workload and maintenance costs.

CHZ LED lighting can perfectly meet the low-voltage lighting requirements of such working areas.

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