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Port lighting

LED port lights are professional lights for port lighting and crane lighting. Dock workers working in poorly lit environments will reduce their work efficiency and are prone to misuse. Especially in the dock environment where many cranes and containers are installed and the all-weather operation mode, high-quality lighting is one of the necessary conditions. CHZ harbor lights have unparalleled advantages in this special working environment:

1. Stable structure design, passed random vibration test accelerated by 3G, safe and reliable;

2. IP66 high protection level, high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting molding, high-voltage electrostatic spray anti-corrosion treatment on the exterior and support, which can resist the corrosion of sea water and breeze;

3. The working voltage can reach 480V;

4. Use internationally renowned brand lamp beads as the light source, with low energy consumption, good light transmission, soft light efficiency, and an efficiency of up to 140lm/w;

5. Multiple beam angles make the lighting more uniform and anti-glare control;

6. 400W to 1500W high-power module design, good heat dissipation performance;

7. Pass TUV, CB certification;

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