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Donation and University-Enterprise cooperation signing ceremony was successfully held

Donation and University-Enterprise cooperation signing ceremony was successfully held


On November 10th, college of Science, Shanghai Institute of Technology(SIT) and Shanghai CHZ Lighting Co., Ltd. held the signing ceremony of scholarship and bursary donation and University-Enterprise cooperation in the fourth subject building of Fengxian campus. Huo Jianwen, general manager of Shanghai CHZ Lighting Co., Ltd. and Li Yigui, Dean of the college of Science, Chen Lei, Secretary of the Party Committee, Wang Fengchao, Deputy Dean and other leaders, as well as some freshman lighting major students attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Jiang Yanyan, deputy secretary of the party committee and deputy dean of the college.


At the beginning of this meeting, Li Yigui introduced the college's development, teaching achievements, scientific research results, subject characteristics, college, talent training, party building clubs, etc., indicating that University-Enterprise cooperation can provide students with a practical platform and cultivate better talents for enterprises , Has a profound impact on the development of University and enterprises. Huo Jianwen introduced the company's product development, production and sales, and the company's various honors, expressed the company's social responsibility and feelings for returning to the society and supporting education, and is willing to strengthen cooperation with the college through donations to University and providing practical platforms. , It is recommended that students strengthen and improve their foreign language skills, professional knowledge, marketing ability and other aspects, so as to make greater contributions to the motherland and society in future. It is expected that the Collaborative College will promote mutual benefit and win-win progress in student training, college and enterprise development.


Subsequently, General Manager Huo Jianwen and Secretary Li Yigui signed the University-Enterprise cooperation agreement on behalf of the two parties, and made a donation of 100,000 yuan in scholarships and bursaries. Participating teachers and students had more interactive exchanges with companies regarding the company's scale, product market, design research and development, technology application, intelligent lighting, patents, student training, etc. The atmosphere on site was warm.



Finally, Chen Lei expressed his gratitude to CHZ Company for the donation, and affirmed the corporate culture and the mind and tolerance of modern entrepreneurs; hoped that the students would cherish the opportunity, learn to be grateful, learn a good profession, and learn to be a person; encourage everyone to pay attention to the development of the times and professional development. Work together for the long-term development of University-Enterprise cooperation.

The signing of the University-Enterprise cooperation agreement and the donation of scholarships opened a new chapter in University-Enterprise cooperation, further expanding our University’s influence in the industry, promoting University-Enterprise cooperation, the implementation of the concept of integrating production and education and educating people, and improving the three aspects The construction of the education system promotes the quality of talent training and student employment in our University.

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