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CHZ lighting seaport lighting case | Flood lighting project led flood light CHZ-FL21 in Spain Bilbao port

CHZ lighting seaport lighting case | Flood lighting project led flood light CHZ-FL21 in Spain Bilbao port


Recently, Changhui Lighting Spain Branch, after several days of hard work, finally completed the renovation and renovation project of the port of Bilbao, Spain, and won high praise from the owners.

Bilbao (Spanish: Bilbao) is the centre of socio-economic development in the Basque Country and is located in the northern part of Spain and is the maritime centre of the Gulfo de Vizcaya region. The port of Bilbao is the third largest port in the country after Barcelona and Valencia. The port has various loading and unloading equipment, such as various types of shore cranes, door cranes, portable cranes, container cranes, floating cranes, car cranes and ro-ro facilities. The oil terminal can dock 600,000 dwt super tankers with hydraulic speed. The sealing boom and the mooring quick decoupling device have a speed of 3,000 tons per hour, and the nighttime operation team has extremely high lighting requirements.

Previously, the port used 600W-1000W HPS floodlights, which not only cost electricity, but also the illumination is obviously insufficient, the color is yellow, and the color rendering is low. Now adopting the floodlights of our company's FL21-450W, the illumination is greatly improved, from the previous less than 100LX to the current 250LX; and the energy saving rate is over 70%, the customer is very satisfied.

CHZ-FL21 Series Flood Light

The lamp is made of high-efficiency LIMINLEDS3030 chip and high-quality PHILIPS drive. It has stable performance, high luminous efficiency and long life. It has multiple beam angles to choose from. Moreover, the module of the lamp can be flexibly adjusted to meet the angle.Special requirements for port site lighting.

After the actual accurate measurement of the site, we have developed a complete set of lighting solutions for our customers, and we stand out in the fierce competition. Finally, we entered the key construction stage. Our engineering and technical personnel, in close cooperation with the installation contractor, successfully completed the installation of the entire port in 10 days. After field testing, the average illumination reached 250LX, and the uniformity reached 0.38. Fully exceeded the customer's expectations, CHZ Lighting handed over a satisfactory answer.

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