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Outdoor Basketball Court Lighting Construction Project led high mast light for Guangxi Nanning Sports Center |CHZ

Outdoor Basketball Court Lighting Construction Project led high mast light for Guangxi Nanning Sports Center |CHZ


In recent years, Guangxi Nanning City has been closely following the development strategic goal of "revitalizing Nanning sports glory and building a strong sports city with characteristics", constantly strengthening the construction of public sports venues and facilities, and making every effort to promote the coordinated development of mass sports, competitive sports and sports industry. A few days ago, CHZ LIGHTING successfully completed the lighting construction project for the outdoor basketball court of Guangxi Nanning Sports Center, creating a professional and healthy sports lighting environment for it.


Project Overview

Guangxi Nanning Sports Center is located in Xingning District, Nanning City, with a total area of 200,000㎡. It will be constructed in two phases, mainly including sports facilities such as stadiums, gymnasiums, swimming pools, and sports training centers. level of special competition. The outdoor basketball court is a new fitness area for the sports center, covering an area of 2,130㎡. There are several standard basketball courts to further meet the needs of the people for sports activities and improve the quality of urban fitness.


In order to better guarantee the development of sports and create a reliable and excellent lighting environment, the client started the construction of professional stadium lighting. With its solid professional and technical strength, CHZ LIGHTING was fortunate to be the partner of this lighting project. From product supply, lighting design to technical consultant, CHZ LIGHTING provides a complete set of lighting solutions to bring a healthy and comfortable light environment to the venue.


Professional Lighting Solutions

In this lighting project, the client selected our FL40-600W, as this stadium lights. According to the actual situation of the venue, many standard basketball courts use the way of lighting on both sides. The height of the light poles is 12 meters. Professional lighting design and layout make the lights cover every corner of the venue, minimize glare and light pollution, and create a lighting experience that exceeds customer expectations.





After installation and commissioning, on-site inspection shows that the average illuminance of the venue is above 500LUX, the uniformity of illuminance is above 0.6, the lighting of the venue is evenly distributed, there is no dark area, it is soft and not dazzling, and the illuminance meets the lighting requirements for amateur competitions and professional training. The lamps are square and beautiful, and the performance is stable and reliable, which enhances the overall temperament of the venue. Comfortable and bright lights allow citizens to fully experience the fun of basketball.


In the field of sports lighting, CHZ LIGHTING has provided accurate lighting solutions for lots of stadiums and events with years of technical accumulation, fully demonstrating CHZ's professional strength. In the future, CHZ LIGHTING will continue to consolidate its own innovation core, participate in more stadium lighting construction with professional lighting products and lighting design, and use high-quality lighting to light up sports passion, and strive to become the leading brand of sports lighting in China.

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