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High standard ENEC+ certification | CHZ lighting manufacturer

High standard ENEC+ certification | CHZ lighting manufacturer


ENEC, an acronym for EUROPEAN NORMS ELECTRICAL CERTIFICATION, stands for European Standard Electrical Certification. ENec is a voluntary certification, which in Europe means electrical safety, and is a commitment by member states to the highest level of safety. The ENEC agreement was signed in 1992. At first, the agreement only applied to all kinds of lamps, and later all kinds of lighting equipment and its components were also included. Today, "ENEc has covered lighting fixtures and their components, household appliances, consumer electronic products," equipment, safety transformers, couplers and connecting parts, controllers and switches, capacitors and filter components and other products.

ENEC+ certification is an energy efficiency test added to the ENEC test, which is a higher-level certification standard. At present, there are very few domestic manufacturers doing this certification. In order to better serve foreign merchants, CHZ took the lead in applying for ENEC+ for some of the company's products. Certification, which lasted for half a year, passed the test and obtained the ENEC+ certificate.

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