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How Does All In One Solar Street Light Work

How Does All In One Solar Street Light Work


Nowadays, all in one solar street light is powered by PV panels, in-built battery, LED lights and smart sensors, all integrated into a single compact unit. Solar LED street lights have emerged as a cost-effective and environment-friendly to light up roads and public spaces. All in one street light is widely acknowledged for energy conservation, durability, and little maintenance. These characteristics make it well-suited for commercial as well as domestic lighting applications.


The Working Principle of All In One Solar Street Light


Solar street lights utilize solar power, a kind of renewable energy. Nowadays, it's normal to see solar street lamps along the sides of the streets. All in one solar street light absorbs solar power during the day. The cells convert solar power into electric energy, which can be stored in the battery. At night, the lamp turns on automatically and it absorbs the power already saved in the battery. During the day time, the battery of all in one street light gets recharged and the process keeps on repeating daily.


Components of All In One Solar Street Light


In the event that you were seeking to install in a solar street light, then you'd be wondering what all comes with it. There are lots of components that make up a solar street light. Have a look at the components that typically make up for all in one solar street light, Nevertheless, components in the solar street light may vary from one manufacturer to the other.


Solar Panel Assembling Process


This process consists of three main parts - the solar panel assembly, the mounting bracket, and the hardware. There's a procedure to be followed closely and you simply cannot just stick a solar panel on the pole. You may need brackets and mounting apparatus to make this happen. The fundamental solar panel of all in one street light includes a frame, glass, and solar cells. Aside from that, the mounting solar bracket assembly must be set up on the solar panel to attach to a pole. An aluminum bracket with stainless steel hardware can make certain that the assembly will endure the test of time because harsh environments could be more prone to rust and degradation.

Solar Battery Assembly

This covers the battery and the wiring that is used to hook to the light fixture and the solar panel assembly. Lithium-ion batteries are the best choice for all in one solar street light that we can acquire today. Typically, the solar battery has to be sized for five days at least in order to provide a longer lifespan. Solar battery assemblies are often housed within a vented aluminum box so as to give heat venting. This assembly is preferably located under the solar panel so that they don't get overheated. If the solar battery assembly is properly sized, it might only require care every five decades or longer.


Solar Light Controller


Controls of all in one street light are generally found within the battery box. These provide the automatic on and off the functionality of the all in one solar street light system. These controls also provide a Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) for times when the battery gets drained to a critical point. This is to make sure that the battery never ever goes down to zero. This functionality will also increase the life span of the battery system. There are lots of project-specific light control options. Select the one based on your own requirements.


Solar Light Fixtures


LED fixtures today are the most well-known pairings to go with the solar street light assembly. Nevertheless, this should offer the essential light levels on the floor underneath for appropriate visibility and effective illumination. Deciding the ideal sort of fixture and distribution pattern which will have the ability to provide the ideal degree of light will guarantee and meet your needs. LEDs generally extend the selection of the style of fixtures offered for all in one solar street light. Additionally, it offers better lighting in a lower wattage.


Fixture Mounting Bracket


This bracket is necessary for mounting the fixture onto a pole for a set strength. The size of the normal pole bracket ranges from 5 to 24 inches. The side of the pole bracket usually is 4 to 8 feet, but in a few cases goes around 12 to 15 feet if needed. The fixture mounting bracket will be helpful in placing out the fixture out away from the pole. This provides light where it is needed on the ground. At the same time, it provides the setback of pole off the roadway where it can stand. Fixture mounting brackets can be straight, upsweep or be decorative depending upon particular requirements.


Solar Street Light Pole


This is the last component of the all in one street light. It needs to be strong enough to support the solar street light and tall enough to mount it. The solar street light pole should ensure that it is mounted at the correct height for an optimum light spread on the ground. In certain regions, the pole may also have to meet wind load requirements along with the solar. All in one solar street light poles are available in concrete, fiberglass composite, steel, and aluminum. It can either be directly buried or could be anchor based.


Understanding what it takes to produce a solar street light will enable you to choose exactly what you want. The latest models of solar street lights have provision for remote monitoring. Other versions that also allow for surveillance have a camera fit into the system. Nevertheless, the basic purpose of an all in one street light is to provide lighting after dark. However, for any type of good solar street lights, all components should seamlessly fit together and work efficiently for years.

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