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How far are we from LED solar street lights?

How far are we from LED solar street lights?


The combined luminous source specially developed for the street light lamp field - the cross-shaped and rectangular combined luminous source, give full play to the advantages of flat-head solar opening angle, large light uniformity and round-head solar spot area, high brightness, make the two complement each other, and maximize the light effect , Overcoming the shortcomings of flat head solar dot area brightness is not as good as round head solar, and round head led solar street light uniformity is not as good as flat head solar.

In terms of the controller, the solar energy photoelectric conversion technology is used to maximize the collection of electric energy. After the storage of the electric energy is completed, the battery provides 12v AC power to the light source, so that the light source generates 6500k white light. At the same time, by simplifying the structure of the intelligent controller, the structure is simpler and the failure rate is reduced, which makes technical preparations for further reducing costs. Moreover, by detecting the output of the solar cell and the battery power, the working state of the system is determined, and the automatic control and intelligent management of the entire system are realized.

The fourth generation of LED new light source, in urban lighting, beautification, road lighting, courtyard lighting, indoor lighting and other various fields are generally in remote areas without electricity, solar lighting has more extensive application prospects. Most people think that energy-saving lamps can save energy by 4/5 is a great initiative, but LED solar street lamps are more than energy-saving lamps. LED solar street lamps also have the advantages of high light quality, basically no radiation, reliable and durable, and extremely low maintenance costs. Typical green lighting source.

The successful development of LED solar street lights has greatly reduced the cost of using solar lamps, making it at or close to the initial cost of the power frequency AC lighting system. It also has the advantages of environmental protection, installation replacement, safe operation, economical and energy saving. Street lamps have the advantages of high light efficiency and low divergence, and have been increasingly used in the field of lighting, showing a trend to replace traditional lighting sources.

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