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How to dim led street lights?

How to dim led street lights?


Although the luminous efficiency of LED street lamps is higher than that of gas discharge lamps, the only way to save energy is to use LED dimming technology. Especially in urban road lighting projects, as there are few cars and people on the road in the middle of the night, if the high illuminance of road lighting is still maintained, not only there is no actual lighting value, but also electric energy is wasted. If the brightness of the LED street light is appropriately reduced in the middle of the night, thereby reducing the power and saving electric energy, it will not only meet the travel needs of people but also save energy.


CHZ lighting is a professional LED street lamp manufacturer. LED street lamp dimming is mainly realized by dimmable LED driving power. At present, the LED street lights produced by CHZ mainly use the following dimmable LED drive power supplies:


The first type: timing dimming. Save energy by setting the time for the controller to turn on and off in advance.


 The second type: 0-10VDC signal control dimming. That is, two signal control lines are drawn from the LED driving power supply. When a 0-10V voltage signal is input on the signal control line, the LED driving power supply changes the output voltage or current according to the signal voltage, thereby adjusting the brightness of the LED street light.


The third type: DALI control dimming. DALI is currently the most advanced lighting control system in the world. It can control each lamp individually, realize linear control of brightness, color temperature, color, etc., control lamps in groups, set different scenarios, scheduled tasks, and energy consumption monitoring. , Monitoring the health status of lamps, etc. The lamps and lanterns compatible in the DALI system can be controlled by a computer or other mobile terminals.


Today, when the energy crisis situation is increasingly severe and the environmental quality is not optimistic, it is the responsibility of every lighting project builder to vigorously advocate energy-saving and intelligent urban road lighting projects. CHZ is creative lighting, healthy life, in-depth explanation of the long-term concept of CHZ lighting, it is based on leading technology and leading quality, and based on people's health and social ecology, responsibility and long-term development goals.


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