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CHZ lighting case | led floodlight for stadium -Kaiyang County Sports Center Gymnasium Lighting project successfully completed

CHZ lighting case | led floodlight for stadium -Kaiyang County Sports Center Gymnasium Lighting project successfully completed


In order to enhance the sense of participation and convenience of the whole people in fitness, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province actively promotes the integration of sports public resources at all levels, and continuously increases the investment in the construction of sports facilities. . As a key livelihood project in Kaiyang County, the Kaiyang County Sports Center project in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province has been officially completed. Among them, the stadium lighting project is carried out by CHZ LIGHTING. The intelligent, efficient, healthy and comfortable system lighting solution will allow citizens to fully enjoy the pleasant experience brought by professional lighting.




Project Overview

The sports center project in Kaiyang County, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province covers an area of about 500mu. The construction content covers gymnasiums, cultural centers, libraries, characteristic businesses, etc. It is an urban sports center integrating urban leisure, cultural exposition, fitness and outdoor experience. center. After the project is completed, it will add new cultural landmark buildings to Kaiyang County, better meet the leisure and fitness needs of local citizens, promote the development of cultural and sports undertakings in Kaiyang County, and greatly enhance the image of Kaiyang County as a tourist city.


Among them, the gymnasium and its ancillary projects have a construction area of about 18,000 square meters and can accommodate 5,000 people. The main building of the gymnasium symbolizes the "sun". Demonstrate traditional Chinese culture. With its mature technical strength and rich project experience, CHZ LIGHTING successfully won the bid for the lighting project of the Sports Center Gymnasium in Kaiyang County, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, and provided it with professional and reliable intelligent system lighting solutions.


Professional Lighting Solutions

According to the relevant requirements of GB50034-2013 "Architectural Lighting Design Standards" and JGJ153-2016 "Standards for Stadium Lighting Design and Testing", this project is designed according to the level of V-level TV broadcast of major national and major international competitions, taking into account venue lighting, emergency For lighting and auditorium lighting, intelligent lighting control system is adopted to perform grading and sub-regional control of venue lighting to meet lighting needs in different scene modes, making stadium lighting more intelligent, energy-saving and efficient.


Gymnasium road lighting layout

According to the overall internal structure of the building, the stadium lighting adopts high-power LED lamps of different powers and models from CHZ LIGHTING. A total of 108 sets of FL40-500W professional stadium lighting lamps are installed, which are arranged on both sides of the venue and on the outer ring of single-row horse lanes; 32 lamps FL40-250W professional stadium lighting fixtures are arranged on the double-row horse lanes on both sides of the venue; professional and reasonable selection of lighting fixtures and lighting scheme design make the lighting quality of the venue achieve the ideal effect, and effectively provide the general public with a professional and comfortable lighting experience.




                             CHZ-FL40 series



CHZ LIGHTING's professional stadium lighting fixtures TLCI≥85 (a standard for evaluating the quality of studio lighting color performance), Ra≥90, R9≥40, color temperature 5700K, with high light efficiency, long life, fast startup, and low power consumption. The newly optimized optical lens realizes precise control of light, and at the same time, an anti-glare hood is installed to effectively reduce glare interference, improve light utilization and comfort, and meet the needs of high-definition broadcast of domestic and international events. This lighting design has been carefully polished by the CHZ LIGHTING technical team in terms of lamp selection, light distribution application and projection angle, and strives to create a healthy and high-quality sports light environment.


Intelligent Lighting Control System

The project adopts an intelligent lighting control system. By controlling the number of different types of lamps and lamps, it is easy to realize flexible switching of multi-scene lighting modes, and help the venue to operate efficiently and intelligently. The lighting switch mode presets 8 modes: emergency, cleaning, auditorium, training and entertainment activities, amateur competition and professional training, professional competition, TV broadcast of national/international competitions, and TV broadcast of major national/international competitions to ensure the flexibility of the lighting system and comfort with maximum power savings.

After the installation and commissioning of this project, the technical indicators of the venue lighting all meet the highest level V standards for major national and international TV broadcasts, and can achieve a step-by-step decreasing mode to meet the lighting requirements of different levels of scenes. After strict review and testing, our professionally built venue lighting solutions have been fully recognized and affirmed by the expert acceptance group, and the project has passed the acceptance smoothly. High-quality lighting effects and convenient intelligent management and control enable the venues to operate in a healthy and sustainable manner.


In the field of sports lighting, CHZ LIGHTING has provided accurate lighting solutions for many stadiums and events with years of technical accumulation, fully demonstrating the professional strength of CHZ LIGHTING. In the future, CHZ LIGHTING will continue to consolidate its own innovation core, participate in more stadium lighting construction with professional lighting products and lighting design, and use high-quality lighting to light up sports passion, and strive to become the leading brand of sports lighting in China.

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