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CHZ Lighting project case of track and field football field of Jinhua Water Sports Center successfully completed

CHZ Lighting project case of track and field football field of Jinhua Water Sports Center successfully completed


As the core area of the Grand Garden in Zhejiang Province, Jinhua, based on its ecological advantages and characteristics, has vigorously built sports venues and fitness facilities for all, accelerated the construction of a high-quality public sports service system, and helped the cause of mass sports with good ecology. With the completion of stadiums and sports events, sports is becoming a beautiful city card of Jinhua.


Jinhua Water Sports Center, located by the Nanming Lake, is a representative sports construction project for Jinhua to launch the "Most Beautiful Outdoor Sports Paradise in China" project. Recently, CHZ Lighting successfully completed the lighting project of Jinhua Water Sports Center, provided professional lighting solutions for its aerial track and field football field, and helped Jinhua draw a beautiful sports blueprint with high-quality lighting products and scientific lighting design.



Project overview

Jinhua Water Sports Center is a key project in Zhejiang Province and a key livelihood project in Jinhua City, with a total land area of 58.4 mu and a building area of about 78000 m2. The project includes two parts: sports venues and commercial supporting facilities. The sports part is divided into land based areas and water competition training areas; Commercial supporting facilities include leisure catering services, hotels, cinemas, supermarkets and parking lots. When completed, the project will become an important landmark building in Jinhua, displaying and highlighting the new image of Jinhua city.



As a large-scale public sports complex, Jinhua Water Sports Center integrates sports competition, competitive training and national fitness. In order to further expand the fitness space, the project moved the outdoor football field and track and field track to the top of the building, bringing the citizens a unique sports experience. For the sports venue operator, it is particularly important to select professional lighting fixtures and scheme design to ensure excellent lighting environment, save power consumption, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and improve the utilization rate of the entire venue.



Professional lighting solutions


After many investigations and surveys, the customer finally selected the professional sports lighting system of CHZ Lighting to create a high-quality lighting environment for the outdoor football field and track and field runway of the sports center. The football field is an 11 person standard football field, which adopts the four corner light distribution method. The light pole is 25 meters high, and a total of 80 CFL FL41-1200W series professional field lights are installed. The 400m track and field runway is equipped with 60 FL41-600W professional stadium lamps. Each set of lamps is carefully arranged and installed in combination with the characteristics of the site buildings, bringing ideal light environment to sports fans.








This lighting design adopts high-quality lighting fixtures with excellent lighting output, advanced heat dissipation system and excellent optical design. According to relevant national lighting standards, the lighting design is scientifically and reasonably arranged to effectively avoid glare, overflow and uneven illumination, and ensure excellent lighting effect of the site. According to the test, the average illumination of the site is more than 600lx, and the uniformity of illumination is more than 0.6, reaching the level III professional competition lighting standard, meeting the needs of competitive competitions and daily training and fitness.


In the field of sports lighting, with the help of high-quality lighting products and professional service capabilities, CHZ Lighting has accumulated rich experience in sports venue lighting projects and created many classic project cases throughout the country. In the future, CHZ Lighting will continue to work hard with a more professional attitude, constantly refining its own innovation core, and bring a new lighting experience to more sports venues and sports events by creating a professional sports lighting design.

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