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More than 300 street lamps in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, were successfully completed

More than 300 street lamps in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, were successfully completed


Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh and the largest city. It is also the capital of the Dhaka region, the national political, economic and cultural center. Dhaka has a long history and was built in the fifteenth century. It was a commercial and academic center in the early 20th century and became the capital of East Bengal in 1947. The urban area is located on an alluvial terrace at an altitude of 6-7.5 meters, and the suburb is a fertile delta plain. Production of jute, rice, sugar cane, rapeseed and so on. It is a 16-kilometer river port of Narayan Ganjie, which is the largest industrial center in the country and the largest commodity distribution center in the country. There are cotton spinning, jute, food processing, papermaking and other industries; Dhaka has developed transportation, and is a national railway, highway and inland shipping hub, with aviation links with domestic Chittagong and other places.

In April 2019, our local customers won the streetlight project through bidding, and purchased more than 300 ST29-80W and ST29-50W street lamps. The installation work was completed recently and the effect was very good. The roads in the nearby block are 250W high-pressure sodium lamps, our LED street lights are used in the new street, 80W street lights are installed in 8m light poles, 50W street lights are 6m light poles, and the simulation test is carried out before the purchase and installation are completed. jobs.

After testing, the 8 meter light pole uses 80W street light, the average illumination of the ground reaches 45LX; the 6m light pole uses 50W street light, and the average ground illumination reaches 38LX, which fully meets the local road lighting requirements.

Mr. Mazir, the official in charge of the municipal road that night, also visited the scene and had a close communication and discussion with us. They appreciated our products and took photos with us. We hope to strengthen cooperation and improve the quality lighting products of CHZ LIGHTING. It is widely used in the Bangladesh market to improve the local lighting environment for the benefit of the general public.

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