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More than 400 intelligent street lights in Santiago, Chile, were successfully completed

More than 400 intelligent street lights in Santiago, Chile, were successfully completed


San Diego is not only the capital of Chile, but also the largest city in Chile. It is the fifth largest city in South America. It is the political, cultural and economic center of Chile. It is also the industrial and financial center of Chile, contributing 45% of Chile's GDP.

At the beginning of 2019, CHZ LIGHTING won 400 sets of intelligent streetlight projects in Santiago, Chile, with excellent product quality and good technical service. Each streetlight was equipped with FONDA TECH single-light controller, deployed and managed big data platform to achieve project coverage. Intelligent management within the scope.

Recently, CHZ LIGHTING was delivered in the implementation of the project. Feng Gong, the chief engineer of CHZ LIGHTING, personally led the company. The company's international business department collaborated and visited the project site to provide professional technical guidance to San Diego partners.

  FONDA TECH is the leader in intelligent lighting monitoring systems and is a street lighting IoT operator. Before the landing of the Santiago project in Chile, the fourth generation of intelligent lighting single lamp control system has been exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, France, Germany, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and has been widely praised by foreign customers.

Based on ZigBee communication technology, this project makes full use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud platform, cloud computing, edge computing, GIS, etc., and customizes the urban street lighting IoT management to meet the needs of local managers. The public service platform has completely solved the problems of the original monitoring and management methods, such as relatively extensive management, excessive energy consumption, high operation and maintenance efficiency, low cost, and difficult to secure facilities. It reflects the core value of the most advanced intelligent lighting monitoring system.


After mutual acceptance, the project achieved nearly 70% energy saving after the transformation, realizing remote remote switch lights, dimming, energy data statistics, fault alarm, real-time display of geographical location, asset management, and intelligence for each street lamp. Many intelligent control functions such as inspection and professional report and intelligent analysis functions. This is the first time that CHZ LIGHTING has cooperated with FONDA TECH to undertake the intelligent street lamp project and successfully completed the acceptance. The final result has been highly recognized by customers.

CHZ LIGHTING continues to develop and actively empowers the city's public management to be intelligent and refined, contributing to the development of intelligent cities!          


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