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Nice experience in Suceava of Romania

Nice experience in Suceava of Romania


Recently, our group finished our visit to Lasi, Romania, and then, under the guidance of our clients, we visited the star city in northern Romania - Suceava. Suceava is the capital city of Suceava Province, Romania, 440 kilometers away from Bucharest, bordering Ukraine in the north, and is an important town in the northern part of Moldova, covering an area of 8,555 square kilometers. With a population of 704,000 (1990), it was once the capital of the Principality of Moldova and one of the oldest towns in Romania.

Geographical location of Suceava in Romania

Since the end of the 14th century, when the Grand Duke of Moldova, Pierre Musat, built a city and capital here, Suceava has a history of more than 600 years. Later, he led the construction of the famous Suceava Castle. Since then, this area has occupied an important position in Romanian history. It has nurtured heroes such as Grand Duke Stefan, famous cultural figures such as Polombescu and George Enescu, and the "Fresco Church" protected by UNESCO. So people say it is a Feng Shui treasure land with beautiful natural scenery, many historical sites, and heroes, and call it the "Land of Legends".

Suceava Castle built at the end of the 14th century

Bronze statue of Grand Duke Stefan

Voronec Monastery

Pleasant rural scenery

Afterwards, we visited the site of the newly completed smart street light project and checked the project effect. We installed more than 1,600 sets of ST29-30W smart street lights in this city and its towns, using cloud control, saving a lot of electricity, and it is also very convenient for monitoring and maintenance.

Street lights during the day

Lighting effect at night

The project was implemented smoothly, and the overall lighting effect was very good, which won wide praise from local citizens.

The next day, we specially visited a town government in Suceava (the official is called "mayor"), and the mayor, Mr. Charles, warmly received us and had a cordial exchange, thanking us for our contribution to the local urban energy conservation construction.

This journey was very pleasant, and we solemnly promise: CHZ LIGHTING will make more contributions to the construction of urban road lighting in Romania! At the same time, I will go back and vigorously promote the city of Suceava, so that more Chinese people can know this beautiful city, come to Suceava to travel and invest, and make the friendship between China and Romania everlasting!

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