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Renovation Of LED Street Road Lights Lighting in Jingzhou of Hubei Province

Renovation Of LED Street Road Lights Lighting in Jingzhou of Hubei Province


The construction of urban road lighting and the simultaneous development of urban civilization and light culture have become a symbol of measuring the level of urban construction, the degree of urban civilization development and comprehensive competitiveness. As an important part of the city's image at night, road lighting is a symbol of a modern city and a symbol of the city's prosperity and development. It is also a highlight of the city's external image.

The project is located in Shacheng District, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province. Shanghai CHZ LIGHTING Technology Co., Ltd., as the luminaire supplier of this road lighting upgrade plan, adheres to the principle of "healthy, efficient, safe and scientific development of urban lighting products". The non-LED road products within the scope undergo a comprehensive transformation.

Before the project renovation: some roads have severely decayed lights, and the color temperature drifts...cannot meet the basic requirements of road lighting.

Jingzhou is one of the first 24 historical and cultural cities announced by the State Council. It is a national excellent tourist city, an important port in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, a central city in central and southern Hubei and an important industrial production base in central China. Jingzhou City is an ecologically livable city with cultural tourism and commerce and logistics as its mainstay. It needs to improve the quality of the urban environment from all levels and angles, highlight urban characteristics, form a focused, sequential, and hierarchical urban structure, and establish a brand city image.

Project status

Status 1: The basic construction of the road lighting facilities planned to be renovated before 2010 has a long installation service life, aging facilities, rusty and corrosion of the lamp arm and the lamp interface, and there are certain safety hazards;

Status quo 2: Some roads have serious lighting degradation, color temperature drift, and light color parameters can no longer meet the basic requirements of road lighting, fail to meet the average illuminance requirements of road lighting, and have certain safety risks;

Status 3: As most road lighting facilities in the urban area currently adopt centralized control and are not included in the intelligent management system, the control accuracy is not high enough, and the energy-saving control effect is not obvious.

Transformation plan

After the actual inspection of the project status, we have the following understanding of the road lighting renovation and upgrading in Jingzhou:

Road lighting can fully reflect the functional attributes and regional style; the road lighting in the core area has a distinct theme, reflecting the urban characteristics of the central city; avoiding excessive light pollution, causing people's visual and psychological discomfort; guiding the transformation with the concept of green lighting Engineering to achieve the purpose of environmental protection and energy saving; safety.

We replaced the old HID street lights, adopted the more environmentally friendly CHZ LIGHTING LED street lights, and installed single-lamp controllers and other facilities to make street lamp management and control more intelligent. While creating high-quality urban lighting, the urban nightscape road lighting construction should be closely integrated with the development of urban construction, continuously optimizing the nightlife environment of the citizens, improving the urban landscape, shaping the modern city image, and realizing the night landscape road lighting and the city The coordinated and synchronized development of construction.


It is believed that after CHZ LIGHTING Lighting's new upgrade and transformation of road lighting in Jingzhou City, the city has a new look, which not only meets the basic protection of road pedestrians and vehicle safety and urban traffic needs, but also brings great convenience to the nightlife of citizens, which indirectly improves The night economic vitality of this small town in the south of the Yangtze River.

In the future, CHZ LIGHTING will not forget its original intention and continue to provide customers with the highest quality lighting solutions and the best after-sales service.

After project renovation: daytime effect

After project transformation: night scene effect


After this renovation:  the energy consumption of night scene is only 50% as before

Acceptance Test:

 After the implementation of the project was completed, we checked and accepted each section of the project site on the spot, and conducted a strict illuminance test. The test data showed that the project was a complete success!

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