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Representing more than 82 million individual industrial and commercial households across the country to tell stories about difficulties and how to overcome them

Representing more than 82 million individual industrial and commercial households across the country to tell stories about difficulties and how to overcome them


"I have the opportunity to have close communication with the General Secretary, and represent more than 82 million individual industrial and commercial households across the country to tell the General Secretary the difficulties we encountered and the story of overcoming them. At this moment, my heart is not at peace!" At 22:00, July 21 At 02, the reporter finally dialed the cell phone of Zhao Xianzhen, the general manager of Shanghai Pinhai Hotel and the party committee secretary of the Mobile Party School in Nanxiang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai. She was extremely excited on the phone.

Yesterday afternoon, Zhao Xianzhen attended the entrepreneurs forum hosted by General Secretary Xi Jinping. Among the seven entrepreneurs who spoke, Zhao Xianzhen was the fifth and the only female entrepreneur.

In his speech, Zhao Xianzhen said that some time ago, the Shanghai Private Economic Association conducted a survey on individual industrial and commercial households throughout the city. "The survey found that relatively reduced customer sources, high rent pressure, and limited purchase channels are common problems faced by individual industrial and commercial households."

In response to these problems, Zhao Xianzhen suggested to increase the promotion, guidance and training of online sales, so that more individual industrial and commercial households have the ability to carry out online operations. At the same time, it can strengthen the publicity of the housing (paving) rent reduction policy, fully convey the spirit of the policy, and help individual industrial and commercial households to tide over the difficulties. In addition, she also suggested that relevant departments take the lead in building a resource sharing platform to help individual industrial and commercial households coordinate and solve specific difficulties.

Zhao Xianzhen said that during her speech, the General Secretary listened very carefully and asked questions from time to time. Zhao Xianzhen mentioned that during the epidemic, she established a "women's home" in the Nanxiang Market in Jiading District, Shanghai. "The general secretary asked me, what is a'women's home' and what do you do? I said that there are nearly a hundred women self-employed in the Nanxiang Market. During the epidemic, business was weak. I looked at them with sad faces and felt very worried. As their confidant elder sister, I set up a'Women's Home' to chat with them and talk about their hearts, so as to relieve their boredom and help everyone overcome difficulties."

Zhao Xianzhen also talked about live broadcasting in her speech. She said that under the impact of the epidemic, all walks of life are selling products through live broadcast and using the Internet to expand sales. During the closure of his restaurant, he also introduced special dishes to consumers through live broadcasts to fully promote the hotel brand. As soon as the restaurant opened, Zhao Xianzhen used a live broadcast to promote the concepts and measures of public spoons and chopsticks, so that customers can enter the store with confidence. "When I said this, the General Secretary smiled and asked me, have you ever sold Nanxiang Xiaolong Steamed Buns through live broadcast? I replied that the results were very good."

"The general secretary said that we must attach great importance to supporting the development of individual industrial and commercial households. There are more than 82 million individual industrial and commercial households in our country, which has driven more than 200 million people to work. It is the largest market entity and the most direct service provider to the people’s lives. There are also the most difficulties. It is necessary to actively help individual industrial and commercial households solve problems in rent, taxes, social security, financing, etc., and provide more direct and effective policy assistance. I am deeply encouraged by these words." Zhao Xianzhen said.

"You can create happiness through your own hands"

Zhao Xianzhen, born in 1959, became a "vegetable girl" at the age of 15, became a self-employed business owner in her 20s, a party branch secretary in her 40s, and a party committee managing more than 450 mobile party members and 13 party branches in her 50s. secretary. Zhao Xianzhen told reporters on the phone: "I was born in a poor peasant family in Jiading District. My elder brother had meningitis at the age of 3, and my younger brother had eyes disabled. My mother was crying all day long. After more than ten days of high school, I resolutely dropped out of school and helped my mother farm. , Selling vegetables."

At that time, there was only one 28-inch "old tank" bicycle and two vegetable baskets with Zhao Xianzhen. Every morning she set off from Jiading and rode to the city to sell vegetables. "After the reform and opening up, I saw some farmers around me set up shops and factories, started business, and gradually became wealthy. I think they can do it, and I can do it too! In 1994, I went to Jiading Nanxiang to open a deli. Become a self-employed business owner, and later pooled money to open a restaurant."

Relying on sincerity and integrity, Zhao Xianzhen managed the restaurant conscientiously and in a proper manner, attracting a large number of repeat customers with low prices and good taste. The business grew bigger and bigger, and he embarked on a road to success for individual industrial and commercial households. "The ups and downs along the way made me truly realize: Happiness does not fall from the sky. I firmly believe that only through my own hands can happiness be created. Life is better, and I must give back to the society."

Nowadays, Zhao Xianzhen is the "good daughter" of the widowed elderly. For more than 20 years, he has provided coolness to the elderly in summer and warmth in winter. Every year, he invites the elderly to eat New Year's Eve dinner in his restaurant; he is a "good mother" for poor children. For more than ten years, she has helped more than 80 poor children complete their studies; as a "good neighbor" in the eyes of the neighbourhood, she has helped more than 30 extremely poor families to tide over the difficulties; as a "good sister" on the road to entrepreneurship, she believes that peers are not enemies and start a business Help as much as you can on the road. "After decades of ups and downs, I sometimes feel tired and want to take a break, but thinking of the difficult days in the past, I am full of energy."

When attending this entrepreneurial forum, in addition to speaking time, Zhao Xianzhen was immersed in taking notes, “I will keep in mind the instructions and requirements of the general secretary, and continue to lead individual businesses, party members, women and sisters to work hard together while running a good hotel. Work hard, take responsibility, and contribute your own strength!"

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