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Q: How to reduce the sensing distance on the back of the radar module?
A: 1) Under normal circumstances, after the antenna form is fixed, the pattern is basically determined, and the antenna back lobe optimization can consider the use of a more directional antenna; 2) When designing the antenna: Keep the antenna surface away from the edge of the board as much as possible, increase the size of the board as much as possible, and spread the ground on the bottom as much as possible. Consider placing a shielding cover on the back of the module to reduce the radiation effect of the antenna on the back of the module; 3) The test environment will affect the corresponding test results: the general indoor space has reflections, which will cause the sensing distance behind the module to be relatively far. But in an outdoor environment, this situation will be reduced.
Q: Are there any requirements for radar modules when making PCB boards?
A: PCB boards need to be customized, and radar modules need high stability.
Q: What should I pay attention to when building the provided reference version design data? Which parameters have a greater impact on the consistency of the module?
A: 1) The thickness of the board (or the laminated structure of the board) and the dielectric constant of the board. 2) The consistency of sheet thickness and dielectric constant is most closely related to the consistency of the module.
Q: Which external components will affect the radar module and what should be paid attention to?
A: 1) The influence of the buzzer switch on the radar module: → The buzzer switch will disturb the power supply. The buzzer and switch should be placed far away from the radar when designing the structure; →The buzzer switch and 10.525G signal will be mixed. The product software will shield the interference during design, and ignore the radar induction signal when the buzzer switch and indicator light flash; →The indicator light and 10.525G signal will be mixed, the sensor software algorithm should be updated, and the specific software version should be used for the scene with strong interference. 2) The influence of the relay on the radar module: →The on and off of the relay will cause a big disturbance on the power supply. When designing the structure, place the radar sensor far away from the relay, or make a shield on the structure; →The movement of the metal shrapnel of the relay is Doppler interference. When designing, the terminal software will shield the relay interference, ignoring
Q: For end products that need to be connected to the Internet, what should be paid attention to nowadays when radar sensors and wifi/BT/NB coexist?
A: 1) Stagger as much as possible in space, and extend the distance between the antenna of the IoT module and the antenna of the radar; 2) Stagger the time as much as possible, and shield the radar sensor signal when the IoT module communicates; 3) Stagger the frequency as much as possible, and avoid the corresponding communication frequency by adjusting the frequency of the radar sensor.
Q: What should I pay attention to when installing or using the radar module?
A: 1) The sensing distance is tested under ideal conditions. The actual sensing distance is related to the hanging height, the openness of the test site, the height and shape of the tester, and the pace of the tester. The sensing distance of the final product is recommended to be subject to the actual measurement; 2) When the radar sensors are densely distributed, try to ensure that the antennas of the radar are parallel to each other to avoid direct illumination between the antenna surfaces. →For scenarios where the radar antennas may illuminate each other, it is recommended that the installation distance exceeds 1m; →For scenes that require dense distribution such as aging test, ensure that there is a distance of more than 20cm between the lamps. 3) Microwave induction radar has a certain wall penetration capability, which can penetrate thin wooden walls and glass walls, but generally does not easily penetrate solid brick walls.
Q: Is it possible to make light poles of specified colors?
A: Yes, the color number provided by the customer. But the MOQ and delivery time need to be negotiated specifically.
Q: If you have a video of the product installation, opening and wiring connection etc that would be really useful for us to remotely evaluate the product?
A: Yes.CHZ lighting has prepared a complete product installation video to provide customers with installation instructions.
Q: The fixture can paint another color?
A: Yes, the color number provided by the customer. But the MOQ and delivery time need to be negotiated specifically.
Q: How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?
A: We usually ship samples and small quantities of products that customers need urgently with DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It usually takes 3-5 days to arrive. High-volume product transportation is available for airline or maritime transportation. The shipping time is updated according to the actual situation of the shipping company.
Q:What is the payment terms?
A:For sample orders, we can accept wire transfers 100% in advance, PayPal, Western Union. For large orders, please pay 30% deposit by wire transfer, and pay 70% balance before shipment or 70% balance by letters of credit.
Q: Can you provide street lamp arm?
A: Yes.CHZ has many styles of led lights arms to choose from.
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