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San Juan Municipal Street Lamp Lighting Renovation Implemented

San Juan Municipal Street Lamp Lighting Renovation Implemented


June 24th is the Fiesta de San Juan in Spain, one of the most lively festivals in Spain. Although this holiday has been associated with Christianity for centuries, its origin is pagan.

To this day, Spaniards still celebrate this holiday every year, not only to celebrate San Juan’s birthday, but also to welcome the summer solstice (Solsticio de Verano) on June 21. In 2015, UNESCO declared it as an intangible cultural heritage.

Fire is an important part of this festival. It can scare away evil souls and forget all the bad things that happened during the year. Therefore, on the eve of San Juan (Víspera de San Juan or Noche de San Juan), people set up bonfires at the highest point in the city, lit torches (las fallas), set off fireworks and firecrackers in street squares, and also discarded items. Burn a torch to celebrate this holiday. Dancing and fireworks, food and bonfires, people began to carve until the next day.

Spain has such a city of San Juan (SAN JUAN), a city under the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, near Barcelona. This is a very unique city with a history of more than 2,000 years. This San Juan festival is said to come from this city, and then swept all over Spain.

Because of its long history and many ancient castles, this city has become a mecca for tourists from all over the world.



Due to the long time, many street lightings have been in disrepair for a long time, and government departments hope to update the entire city's lighting system. The requirements for this bidding are very demanding. First, all lamps are required to have ENEC certification and pass a series of tests. These are not problems for the team of CHZ Lighting Spain. First of all, all of our street lamp lighting products have ENEC certification, and the product quality fully meets the requirements of customers; then, our team conducted a field survey of the entire renovation area, such as road width, light pole height, etc., refer to customer contrast And the requirements of uniformity, lighting calculations have been carried out for all roads, and the most suitable products have been selected. Finally, the selected products are street lights ST23, ST25, and garden lights ST26A. There are many brands participating in the bidding. In addition to the traditional European powers, such as PHILIPS and THORN, there are also many Chinese brands. The competition is very fierce. Finally, relying on our reliable brand and professional design, won the trust of government departments and won this project.

Entering the supply stage, the technical team and construction team of the Spanish company began to settle in and do every detail work. This time,for different streets, we chose ST23-90W, ST25-38W and other street lights as well as ST26A-37W, ST26A-56W, Garden lights such as ST26A-90W, and choose the most suitable light distribution, to achieve the ultimate work; if a palace is restored, the goal is to rejuvenate the ancient palace.

After the intense construction of the Spanish team of CHZ Lighting, within one month, most of the project progress was completed. The whole set of results is shocking. Many citizens are very satisfied with this effect. The praise is beyond my imagination!

The project is still in progress and is expected to be completed in mid-March. Judging from the current situation, the completed blocks have won high praise from government departments this year, and a large number of citizens have begun to cheer on the streets. This year's Fiesta de San Juan will be even more exciting. For the renovation of other blocks, the government departments can’t wait to meet with our team and express their admiration for the professionalism and dedication of our team. At the same time, we will continue to work hard to contribute more high-quality projects to the road lighting industry in the Barcelona region and the entire Catalonia Autonomous Region. CHZ Lighting will continue to uphold the highly responsible spirit and complete the renovation of this street lighting.

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