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1200w led floodlight Football field lighting project for Shandong Taishan Football Club Training Base Lighting Renovation

1200w led floodlight Football field lighting project for Shandong Taishan Football Club Training Base Lighting Renovation


In January 2022, Shandong Taishan defeated Shanghai Seaport by 1-0, won the 2021 FA Cup, and once again won the Chinese Super-League and FA Cup double crown, creating a new season of winning three "double crowns" and refreshing the history of Chinese football. The record also proves the profound heritage and extraordinary strength of Shandong football. A few days ago, CHZ LIGHTING successfully completed the lighting system renovation project of the training base of Shandong Taishan Football Club, creating a healthy and high-quality light environment with professional lighting solutions, illuminating the way forward for football players to pursue their dreams.

Project Overview

Shandong Taishan Football Club was established in 1993, referred to as Taishan Team, located in Jinan City, Shandong Province; Taishan Team has excellent corporate management, complete youth training system and advanced hardware facilities. Taishan team training base has 6 standard lawn training grounds, one of which is a lighted stand, with natural green grass for the daily training of professional players. In order to optimize and upgrade the club's hardware facilities, fully guarantee the team's daily training and competition needs, and completely improve the current situation of poor venue lighting, the Taishan team vigorously launched the venue lighting system renovation project. The lighting stand is the protagonist of this renovation, and Changhui Lighting is It provides professional lighting solutions.





CHZ LIGHTING Professional Lighting Solutions

The original lighting of the venue used 72 sets of 2000W traditional metal halide lamps. The light decay of the lamps was serious, some of the light sources were damaged, the illumination of the venue was insufficient, and the light was dark and unevenly distributed. And because of glare and stroboscopic problems, it seriously affects players' night training activities. Meanwhile, the old lamps consume much energy, have high maintenance costs, and easily cause pollution, which do not meet the national requirements for energy conservation, environmental protection, and emission reduction.

In this renovation, CHZ LIGHTING FL41-1200W stadium lamps were used to replace the original metal halide lamps, and the original lamp poles kept no changed. The newly installed stadium lights have the advantages of high light efficiency, long life, fast startup, and low power consumption. The excellent light distribution design can effectively reduce glare interference, greatly improve visual comfort, and create a healthy and high-quality sports light environment.






After careful layout and lighting design by CHZ LIGHTING team, the average illuminance of the venue has increased to more than 800lx, and the illuminance uniformity has reached more than 0.8. All lighting technical indicators meet the acceptance standards and meet the lighting requirements of Class III professional competitions. Comfortable and bright lights illuminate the green stadium, bringing a better lighting experience for the players and allowing the football style to be fully displayed.




In the field of sports lighting, CHZ LIGHTING has provided accurate lighting solutions for many stadiums and professional events with years of technical accumulation, fully demonstrating the professionalism and strength of CHZ LIGHTING. In the future, CHZ LIGHTING will continue to consolidate its own innovation core, participate in more stadium lighting construction with professional lighting products and lighting design, and use high-quality lighting to light up the passion of the event, and strive to become the leading brand of sports lighting in China.

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