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Solar Road Light Features and Precautions

Solar Road Light Features and Precautions


Solar road light is raised light sources which are powered by solar panels generally mounted on the lighting structure or integrated into the pole itself. The solar panels come with a rechargeable battery, which powers a fluorescent or LED lamp during the night.

We can notice that there is an increasing demand for solar street light these days for obvious reasons. One important reason is the overall cost savings in the long run, and the other is efficient lighting. The solar light system as the name suggests converts energy from the sun into electricity and is easy to install and gives high intensity LED output. It is not necessary to switch on or switch off the solar LED’s light manually. Solar road light automatically operates from night until morning.


The Applications of The Solar Street Light

Here are the top 5 applications of solar street lights and their uses.

1. Airport lighting

Many airports are equipped with solar lights because they are easy to install without high electricity cost. These LED lights are installed at the runway and are portable. They are used for safe aircraft operations at night time.

2. Highway and roadway lighting

The solar road lights can be installed easily in the remote roadway or highway where there is no electricity. The traffic light provides clear visibility for the pedestrian and drivers. High-quality illumination LED light system beautifies urban areas at night without polluting the environment.

3. Park and playground lighting

Solar road light is beneficial for the park and playground lighting needs as it helps to light signs, trails, pavilions and parking lot. They are independent of the grid, so they can be installed anywhere in the park where there is a need for proper lighting. The solar street light provides safety for children who play after dark and also for the officials in order to secure the area during the night.

These days, most of the cricket or football matches are held at night time due to several reasons. Solar LED lights are installed in the stadium or playgrounds that can provide high power lighting inside the field.

4. Industrial lighting and commercial lighting

The solar LED lighting system has an exceptional storage system that allows 3 days of continuous illumination without any recharge. Industrial areas are bigger in size; therefore, they take a large amount of electricity for outdoor lighting. While installing the solar street light, the cost of electric wires will reduce and maintenance costs will lower.

5. Outdoor security lighting

Solar road light is illuminated by solar energy which is converted into electric energy. As a result, these are a practical choice for security purposes, as without electricity they can operate at night because the sun provides needed energy during the day. The light automatically turns on when it senses any motion. It also operates during cloudy weather conditions and provides reliable lighting anytime.


Precautions For Solar Street Light

As the solar street light is widely used, precautions for solar slight are great of importance. Daily maintenance and inspection are generally required.

1. Check the battery board for damage, and replace the battery board after it is found to be damaged.

2. Check if the battery board connecting line and grounding wire are in good contact and there is no falling off.

3. Check if the battery board bracket is loose or broken.

4. Check if there are any coverings on the surrounding area and surface of the panel.

5. Check the dust on the surface of the panel and clean it if necessary.


The Specifications And Features Of This Solar Street Light

CHZ Solar Street Light


Model: CHZ-DST2

Item Weight: 12.5KG

Power:  30W 40W 50W 60W

Product Dimensions: (Lamp body) 633x250x90 mm ( Solar panels) 529x513x25 mm

Batteries: AAA batteries required. (not included)

Style: Solar road light

Color: Gray

Chips: PHILIPS 5050

Material: Die-cast aluminum

Voltage: 12 volts

Fixture Features  Dustproof, Dawn-To-Dusk

Light Direction: Adjustable

Power Source: Solar

Type of Bulb: LED

Color Temperature: 3000-6500 Kelvin

Warranty: 3 years

Certification: CE & ROHS & ISO9001& ISO14001

Features of solar street light

l  It starts automatically at dusk, automatically closes at sunrise. There will be a remaining battery display on the solar light.

l  Remote control provides convenience in long-distance for multiple modes.

l  It has a timing function: 3 hours, 5 hours, 8 hours, or constant light mode.

l  Solar road light has half brightness, full brightness, or automatic mode, which can help save 80% of the power.

l  The newest designed light distribution lens brings better lighting uniformity.

l  The intelligent temperature control ensures solar street light can work in extremely cold weather.

The Manufacturer of Solar Road Light

Established in 2010, CHZ has been focusing on the R&D, production, and sales of energy-saving LED lighting products. Our product portfolio includes the indoor light, industrial light, field light, sports light, and solar street light. We insist on using high-quality components and advanced production techniques to make each of our lamps excel others.

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