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Our led lighting fixture can be used to reduce energy consumption by installing multiple lighting devices in each room with a smartphone unified switch

Quality and delivery

Some suppliers do not have their own factories. There are no professional designers to design drawings, which will affect the quality of the product and delivery time.


In order to grab orders and obtain greater profits, some suppliers use fake raw materials, which will have a significant impact on the service life of the products and the safety of users.

Technology and design

Many suppliers are unable to provide suitable products for foreign customers to adapt to different applicable locations and different bidding projects.

Technical guidance

Some suppliers do not have their own technical team and cannot provide installation and technical guidance.


Some suppliers provide unreasonable products, but there is no way to solve them in time, and you can't find their location in time.



1. Understand the overall needs of the customer

2. Recommend related products and corresponding power

3. The customer provides basic engineering information (taking road lighting as an example: Customers need to provide road width, pole height, pole position, pole spacing, average illumination requirements, etc.)

4. Designer use Dialux simulation to design lighting effects and offer multiple options for customers choosing.

SHANGHAI CHZ LIGHTING has always followed the standardization rules to carry out strict production processes to ensure the quality of the products, thus saving time and cost for both parties and bringing the greatest benefits to customers.

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